Outside This Small Town

Upon our arrival in Ariccia, I recognized this town was one of small size. For the months leading up to our departure, I had told those close to me that I would be studying in a town just a little outside Rome, but little did I know that the small town only held roughly 19,000 people and consisted of one main road used mostly by those traveling in and out of the city. Like them, I had never heard of the town Ariccia. Growing up in a large city, I knew this was going to be a huge adjustment to me, but it has come to be a blessing in disguise. This small town has so much unique experiences and knowledge to offer, like the famous porchetta and deep historical past that follows the town through ages. It was tempting to want to plan travel to all the biggest cities Europe has to offer, but since being here, it has been heartwarming to see the people of these small towns, towns that most people will never even know the name of in their lifetime.

We traveled to the other surrounding small towns that make up the Castelli Romani, and the amount of history in these towns is unbelievable. These towns tend to fall off the beaten tourist track but are beloved to locals looking for an escape from urban life and other large jam-packed Italian cities. There are so much these towns offer, from beautiful scenic views to one-of-a-kind wine tastings, to peaceful hikes throughout the magnificent natural environment. All of this located just under an hour outside of Rome, yet only a small percentage of people will ever even know that these towns exist. Maybe it is the way the people of these small towns want it, maybe they do not even know how lucky they are to get to experience life like this.

So, for the coming weeks, I am enthusiastic to continue to explore these quaint small towns and villages, getting to see a glimpse into the true heart and soul of the people and places that truly make Italy what it is today. Without this experience, I would have never known that these towns would have ever existed. I get the opportunity to delve into the lives of those in these small towns and fully immerse myself in their culture and share my experience with those that may want the opportunity to visit towns like this in their future. So for now, I will enjoy my time in Ariccia and not be so consumed with the bustling life outside this small town.   

War Eagle, and see you later America. Ciao, salve, and grazie mille.

-Kenzie Warner