Soundtrack to 1/31

I stepped off the train and felt the cool Italian breeze after arriving in Rome that Tuesday morning. I made sure to grab my favorite breakfast here in Italy, un cappuccino e un cornetto semplice (a cappuccino and plain croissant), before making my way out of the train station with the rest of the class. A day full of touring Rome was something I had looked forward to in the days prior, and I was eager to start my day. The day consisted of viewing several beautiful churches and historical landmarks, all while learning the history of Roman Baroque art. What I did not know, however, was that I would later experience my now favorite memory that I have had here in Italy.

After a wonderful lunch consisting of paninis and Chianti wine (highly recommend- it’s fantastic), we walked up the 174 Spanish Steps and made our way to the Villa Borghese Park. The weather was beautiful; the clear sky allowed the sun to shine through the vibrant trees that surrounded us. We made our way around the park and began to hear sounds of singing and music. As we walked closer, a view of the entirety of Rome began to peak through as we approached Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi. The music grew louder as we became closer to the street artist playing the intro to ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay on his keyboard. We continued to walk toward the edge of the Piazzale and as we reached the end, the chorus of the song began as we overlooked the beautiful panoramic view of Rome. It all felt like a movie, and it was incredible.

The view of Rome from Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi!!


Abby Taylor