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She’s often mistaken for a beauty pageant queen. And she’s often questioned for not having a crown or sash. Her role is unmatched amongst SEC universities, and her purpose stands firm after decades of change. At Auburn, it’s known that we cherish our traditions. And Miss Auburn is one of the most unique and time-honored traditions at our institution.

A tradition since 1934, Miss Auburn is the official hostess of Auburn University. She is a woman that embodies the spirit of Auburn and what it means to be an Auburn woman. Miss Auburn is a female ambassador, representing the university internally to the student body and also externally to the outside community, alumni, and prospective students. She is elected by the student body on a platform, a cause that will motivate and engage the university.

During her term as Miss Auburn, she embodies several roles. She is there to be a positive, welcoming face and to help host events. She serves alongside the SGA President and the executive team. She is an honorary member of the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen. And she works directly with a Freshmen Leadership Program, whose mission seeks to turn her platform into action.

Her other responsibilities are associated with the Office of the President, the Office of Development, the Athletic Department, the Office of Student Affairs, the City of Auburn, and in any other capacity that is helpful. Her role has evolved and changed dramatically over the years, yet ultimately her purpose remains the same: to be a strong, female representative for Auburn University.

Written by Tara Jones, Miss Auburn 2013