Do you take pictures at Graduation?

We take graduation photos during each graduation ceremony as the graduate walks across the stage and shakes the President’s hand. We do not take any other photos during graduation. We DO offer graduation portraits in our studio 2 or 3 days prior to graduation. For more information view our Graduation Graduation Portraits Page or to make an appointment you can schedule online with our Graduation Portraits Appointment Scheduler

Do you take Graduation photos in front of Samford?

We do NOT take photos in front of Samford Hall. As an alternative, we DO offer grduation portraits in our studio 2 or 3 days prior to graduation. For more information view our Graduation Cap and Gown Page or to make an appointment you can schedule online with our C&G Appointment Scheduler. 

What should I expect if I get Graduation portraits taken?

Graduation portraits are offered every semester 2 or 3 days prior to the graduation ceremony in our studio. We offer 3 backgrounds- Samford  Hall, bookcase, brown portrait- during your sitting. The cost is $35.00 (plus tax) for 3- 5x7s & 12 wallets (1- 5×7 of each background and 4- wallets of each background).

CHANGES DUE TO COVID 19 for Graduation Portraits: 

  1. Graduates must wear the cap, gown and tassel (honor cords if applicable) provided by the bookstore Masters and Doctoral graduates must wear the gown and honor accessories provided by the bookstore. (items will not be provided for photos).
  2. Arrive at the scheduled time of your appointment.
  3. Upon arrival line up outside the office door as there will be markers every six feet for social distancing. If you are late, get in the line when you arrive.
  4. When entering the office, check in at the front desk, make payment, then enter the studio.
  5. Masks are required. Mask will be removed in the studio for photos, then put back on before leaving studio.
  6. Do not enter the office until you are called in.
  7. Friends and family will not be allowed in the office, but can remain outside remembering social distancing of 6 feet.

For more information view our Graduation Portraits Page. 

To schedule an appointment online use the Graduation Appointment Scheduler

How do I schedule to take Graduation portraits?

You can schedule your portrait session online by using our Graduation Appointment Scheduler or calling our office at 334.844.4560 to make an appointment.

What is the cost for Graduation portraits?

Graduation portrait packages are $35.00 (plus tax) and include 3- 5×7’s and 12 wallets (1- 5×7 and 4 wallets of each background, which includes Samford Hall, bookcase, and a brown portrait). Print packages are considered as proofs, as they are NOT retouched. Photos are made in cap and gown or attire of your choosing (one outfit per package). Additional prints can be order by visiting our Image Library.

How far back do you keep Graduation photos?

We archive and keep graduation photos for every year. Our digital archives date back to 2004 and we may have some graduation photos in our negative archives; availability will be determined on a case by case basis.

You can view and order graduation photos online if you graduated in 2015 or later; you will need to contact our office to place an order if you graduated before 2015.

Can I purchase a copy of my Graduation photo?

We offer graduation photos of each graduate walking across the stage and shaking the President’s hand for sale on our Image Library site. You can choose between an individual prints, print packages (prices range from $23 to $31, plus tax and $6,95 shipping fee), or choose to purchase a digital copy for $35.

Do you sell Graduation DVD’s?

We no longer offer Graduation DVD’s for purchase.