Outdoor Classrooms

Our outdoor classrooms allow students to learn in an environment that consumes the senses. Trade-in your traditional classroom for a chance to listen to birds singing their songs, to breathe clean fresh air, and escape the hot sun in cool crisp shade provided by the hardwood and pine forest canopies. Spacious and versatile, each of our outdoor classrooms is unique and built to suit your individual needs. We provide seating to accommodate your any class-size. Come and treat your students to an experience only nature’s classroom can provide.

Big Oak

The Big Oak Outdoor Classroom is nestled beneath the beautiful sprawling limbs of a majestic water oak. This spacious classroom is a 7 to 10 minute walk from the main parking lot, provides seating for 45 adults, and features a large 3′ x 6′ table.


The Green Outdoor Classroom gets its name from the painted green wood, taken from our old entrance way. Its back-drop is a mixed hardwood/pine forest with lots of space for children to explore. This classroom provides plenty of shade, a large chalkboard, one small unique table and seats approximately 30 adults. The Green Outdoor Classroom is just a five minute walk from the main parking lot.


Perched on a small hilltop, this longleaf pine management area is a short walk from the main parking lot, has a bulletin board and seats approximately 30 adults.


Pondview is one of our most spacious and versatile outdoor classrooms. Sometimes used as a boy-scout camping ground, it is a large green space with plenty of sunlight. Atop a hill overlooking the pond, it features a fire-pit, with movable bleacher seating (approximately 50 adults) with two small sturdy platforms and lots of room to roam.


Flutterbye is a beautiful partial shade area located at the old homestead site, next to our butterfly garden, with a back drop of open mixed hardwoods and a plethora of ornamental plants. Provides a bulletin board with shelf space and seating for 15 adults.


The Amphitheater is our largest outdoor classroom, provides shade and the shortest walking distance from the pavilion and seats approximately 150 adults and provides plenty of space for demonstrations.