Prescribed Fire

Prescribed fire (or “prescribed burns”) are a critical part of the forest management at the Kreher Presreve & Nature Center. Fire is an important and natural factor of our native ecosystems and it has many benefits:

  • Helps prevent uncontrolled wildfire by reducing fuel.
  • Helps to remove or control invasive and undesirable plant species.
  • Speeds up the process of replenishing nutrients to the soil.
  • Enhances habitat for wildlife species, including many that are endangered.
  • Promotes the growth and propagation of native plants and wildflowers.

Our prescribed fires take place only under strict safety guidelines with approval from the City of Auburn Fire Department and supervision from expert foresters at Auburn University’s School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences. Weather conditions must be precise and all prescribed burns are very rigorously monitored until the last flame has gone out. Visibility on the surrounding roads is always considered.

Prescribed fires are generally conducted in late winter and spring, though the management plan for some areas of the KPNC may call for fire during the summer growing season. For more information, please visit the sites listed below or contact the KPNC at

Photos by John Wild