Summer Adventure Camp


Summer Adventure Camp brings students on three day-trips to some of the incredible natural and historic wonders that Alabama has to offer. Campers will learn about nature, history, wildlife, industry, geology, archaeology, and more! In addition, campers will have the opportunity to swim, hike, climb, and explore!

Summer Adventure Camp is for upcoming 5th through 8th graders and runs Mon through Wed, July 18-20. Vans depart the Kreher Preserve & Nature Center (2222 N. College St) at 8:00 AM and return at 4:30 PM. Check out our itinerary below to learn more about this exciting and educational opportunity.


Montgomery Zoo

The Montgomery Zoo is home to over 500 animals from five different continents, all housed in natural, barrier-free habitats. The zoo spans over 40 acres offering magnificent views of exotic wildlife and endangered species. Campers will get to experience the zoo’s famous mammal and bird program to see animals up-close and get a customized experience just for us!

Museum of Alabama

The Museum of Alabama is the only destination where you can explore Alabama’s past from prehistory to the present. Exhibitions feature the geology and natural resources that helped shape the state’s history and the inspiring story of fourteen thousand years of Native American culture. Campers will learn about  struggles over the land, the rise of a cotton economy, the Civil War, industrialization, world wars, civil rights, the race to the moon, and more.

Day 2

Coosa River

Day 2 begins with guided kayaking down the Coosa River – an excellent white water experience for beginners.

Wetumpka Crater

The Wetumpka Astrobleme, or star-wound, originated from a cosmic event that occurred some 80 to 83 million years ago. The projectile of the meteor impact was likely travelling between 10 and 20 miles per second! Despite the weathering that has occurred through millions of years, the crater walls are still prominent.

Fort Toulouse

Fort Toulouse was one of a series of forts built by the French to protect their holdings in southeastern North America from British infringement during the eighteenth century. Originally built by Alabamians around 1717, it was rebuilt in 1751 and has been complete reconstructed on the original site today. Campers will learn about the fort’s history and hike the William Bartram Nature Trail.

Day 3

American Village

The American Village is a nationally-pioneering classroom and American history and civics education center that invites people to “step into history” and discover the power and drama of America’s journey for independence, liberty, and self-government through experience-based programs. Campers will get to tour this beautiful campus and learn some of the vital lessons of liberty.

Shoal Creek Park

Shoal Creek Park in Montevallo is a beautiful park with numerous scenic vistas and areas to enjoy the shoals. Campers will learn about Alabama’s amazing geology while enjoying the natural beauty and wildlife of the parks many nature trails.

Orr Park (“Tinglewood”)

Orr Park is one of the most unique parks in the world thanks to local artist Tim Tingle. Many of the park’s cedar trees have been transformed by Tingle into fantastic and magical works of art, enchanting the entire forest with wonder and imagination! From animals to storybook characters to whimsical faces, the trees are sure to inspire. Campers will compete in a scavenger hunt to find some of these unique characters and all the while, learn about some of the incredible tree species native to Alabama.


Summer Adventure Camp is $250 ($225 for members) per camper for all three days and includes a daily snack, transportation from the KPNC, all camp activities and entrance fees, a camp t-shirt, and a water bottle. Campers will need to bring their lunch each day; and campers must be able to swim.  A discount of 10% per camper is available for siblings living in the same household.