The Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve gratefully acknowledges the recent contributions of the following donors.



$10,000 – $6,000

F. Allen & Louise K. Turner Charitable Foundation



$5,999 – $1,000

Auburn Opelika Tourism Bureau

Mrs. Margaret Holler

Creative Habitats

Dr. Crystal A. Kelley

Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia

The Backyard of Auburn

Wal-Mart Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carter


$999 – $100

Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Alexander

Auburn Kiwanis Club

Auburn University Campus Club

BioResources, LLC

Dr. Jonathan W. Bolton and Mrs. Claire Wilson

Drs. Barry and Mary Burkhart

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Byrd

Dr. Matthew Carter and Dr. Nicole Carter

Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Chambers

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Chappelka

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. George Malcolm Comer

Mrs. Betty Austin Cook

Ms. Denise Cortes

Dr. Ross Ann Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gerald Czarnecki

Dr. and Mrs. Craig B. Darch

Maj. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dyal

Mr. and Mrs. James Stan Everhart

Franklin Tire and Auto Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Glover

Drs. Stanley and Nancy Harris

Mrs. Jennifer Heath

Dr. and Mrs. Lester Hollans

Mrs. Nicole Holler and Mr. Luis Garzon

Drs. David and Rona Holmes

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Hooks

Mr. and Mrs. David Housel

Ms. Claudia Jantz

LtCol and Mrs. Robert Jonson

Mrs. Charlotte Ross Jordan

Kinnucans Enterprises Inc

Dr. Elbert Marvin Lee

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Lovshin

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Martin III

Mr. Charles Markle and Dr. Ellen Behrend

Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCullers

Dr. and Mrs. James McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Miyasaka

M & M Trucking

Dr. Marshall Newland and Ms. Roberta Jackel

Mr. and Mrs. G. Wayne Pearce

Mr. Richard H. Phelan

Mr. Charles Cary Pick

Mrs. Susan Reynolds

Ms. Rebecca Richardson

Save Our Saugahatchee

Mr. Paul Schrantz

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Scharpf Jr.

Sign World Inc. Digital

Mrs. Kathy Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Speake

The Orthopaedic Clinic P.C.

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Le Walls

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Guy Whitley Jr.

Ms. Joceyln Zanzot


$99 and below

Auburn Beautification Council

Dr. and Mrs. Orville Euing Bach, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Baker

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Benefield

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bracht

Dr. and Mrs. Gene A. Bramlett

Dr. Charles E. Branch

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Burns Jr.

Dr. David John Cline

Mrs. Lady Darian Rhodes Cox

Ms. Katie Lynne Crew

Mr. Timothy E. Curry

Drs. Jacob and Fennechiena Dane

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dugas

Ms. Susan Ellzey

Mr. and Mrs. John Estrada

Mr. David H. Floyd Jr.

Mr. Daniel P. Froehlich

Dr. Michael Jerard Fuhlhage

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Furlow

Mrs. Katherine Halverson

Mr. Blake Richard Hatley

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Henderson

Dr. Gary R. Hepp

Mr. John David Hoerath

Dr. Robert Holm

Mr. and Mrs. James Holmes

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Johnson II

Mr. Allen Kerby

Keystone Bank

Ms. Jacquelyn Paige Klein

Dr. Erika L. Kleppinger

Mrs. Mary Ann MacKenzie

Mr. Herbert M. Martin III

Ms. Roxanna McCollum

Drs. Robert and Jane Mount

Ms. Mary Lisa Mullins

Mrs. Laurie Faison Newton

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Potts

Ms. Hillary Pruitt

Dr. Derek Gilbert Ross

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Scarborough Jr.

Mr. Gregory John Schmidt

Mr. Scott T. Sehnert

Ms. Barbara Pouncey Steele

Dr. Maobing Tu

Mrs. Margaret W. Vollenweider

Ms. Sylvia Yvonne Wallace

Dr. Carol L. Warfield

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Guy Whitley Jr.

Dr. Thulitha Wickrama

Mr. King Ed Williams, Jr.

Dr. Anne A. Wooldridge

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carl Zellmer



Honorariums and Memorials

In memory of JoAnn Huffman

Lee County Rotary Club

In memory of Nicholas Holler

Dr. and Mrs. Murray Adams Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. William Bell Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Gene A. Bramlett

Mrs. Jennifer Christian Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Burton

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Chambers

Dr. and Mrs. Craig B. Darch

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Dyas

Mrs. Shirley Rose Glisson

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. William Warren Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Johnson

Johnston and Malone Book Store

Dr. Beverly Marshall and Mr. James Curt Marshall, Jr.

Ms. Mary Elisa Norrell

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Oven

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reynolds

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Speake

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Westmoreland

F. Allen & Louise K. Turner Charitable Foundation


In honor of Meta and Hugo Wyss

Drs. Hilary Wyss and James Truman


In memory of Dolores Yordi

Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Potter

In honor of Daisy Griffin, Sara Krim, Jennifer Lolley & Tippy Lunsford

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Stanaland

In honor of Heather M. Knowlton

Ms. Cynthia G. Knowlton

In memory of Lt. Harry Prince
Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Potter


In honor of Judy Messer
Ms. Sarah Lu Grove


In honor of J. Finn Duncan

Dr. and Mrs. John Chad Duncan


In honor of Margaret Holler

Mr. Garzon and Mrs. Holler

Dr. Emily Kling


In memory of Pamela Zajdel

Mrs. Audrey Potter


In memory of Charlotte Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Cullum


In memory of Billie Wynette Foster

Ms. Millie D. Foster


In honor of Sara and Kaitlyn Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Stewart


In memory of Elizabeth Grace Byrd

Mr. and Mrs. William Byrd


In memory of my parents, who taught me to love nature.

Dr. Mary Quinn Burkhart


In honor of Ethan Cottier

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Cottier


In memory of Beryl Berardi

Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo De La Fuente


In memory of Jackie Mullen

Dr. Gary R. Mullen


To inquire about making a donation to the Kreher Preserve and Nature Center or becoming a sponsor, visit Giving to Auburn or contact Jennifer Lolley, outreach administrator, (334) 844-8091, ( or Sharon Tatum, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences development coordinator, (334) 844-1983, (