The Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve gratefully acknowledges the recent contributions to the Nicholas R. Holler and Margaret E. Holler Endowed Fund for Excellence in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences:


Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dyas

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Brent Halverson

Mrs. Margaret Elaine Holler

Mrs. Nicole Holler and Mr. Luis Garzon

Ms. Roberta Jackel

Dr. Marshall Christopher Newland ’72

Mr. Kenneth Wayne Ringer ’59

Dr. Marge Stephens


Charitable contributions provided for operations, special projects and events include:


$20,000 – $6,000

F. Allen & Louise K. Turner Charitable Foundation


$5,999 – $1,000

Auburn Opelika Tourism Bureau

Mr. David M. Forker, III

Farmhouse Fraternity

Lee County Master Gardeners

Mr. Arthur C. Herndon II

Mrs. Margaret Holler

Dr. Crystal A. Kelley

Dr. Emily B. Kling

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Scharpf Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Emmett Thompson

Mr. John Wild


$999 – $100

Dr. and Mrs. Janaki Alavalapati

Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Alexander

Amos – Chevre Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Orville Euing Back, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William Bell, Jr.

Benevity Causes

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Braunlich

Drs. Barry and Mary Burkhart

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Byrd

Mrs. Deborah Faye Carter

Dr. Matthew Carter and Dr. Nicole Carter

Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Chambers

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Chappelka

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cleveland

Mrs. Sara H. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. George Malcolm Comer

Ms. Denise Cortes

Dr. Ross Ann Craig

Dr. and Mrs. Craig B. Darch

Maj. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dyal

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Dyas

Dr. Lori Eckhardt

Ms. Andrea Conti-Elkins

Mr. and Mrs. James Stan Everhart

Franklin Tire and Auto Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Glover

Drs. Stanley and Nancy Harris

Hewlett Packard

Mr. John David Hoerath

Dr. and Mrs. Lester Hollans

Drs. David and Rona Holmes

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Horne

Mr. and Mrs. David Housel

Dr. Jodie Kenney

Dr. Elbert Marvin Lee

Lee County Rotary Club

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Lovshin

Mrs. Mary Ann MacKenzie

Mr. Christopher Paul Maloney

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Martin III

Dr. and Mrs. James McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phillip McWane

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Miyasaka

Dr. Scott Morrell

Dr. Gary R. Mullen

Dr. Marshall Newland and Ms. Roberta Jackel

The Orthopaedic Clinic P.C.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Wayne Pearce

Ms. Lori Peck

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Perez

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reynolds

Ms. Rebecca O. Richardson

JRogers Photography

Ms. Kenna Runge

Ms. Lane Sauser

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schrantz

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Shepard

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith

Mr. Jonathan Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Guy Whitley Jr.

Ms. Ashley Sanders Winfree


$99 and below

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Anderson

Mr. Kevin Bailey

Ms. Amber J. Baldridge

Mr. Tommy Bartlett

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Benefield

Dr. Jonathan Bolton and Mrs. Claire Wilson

Dr. Richard Brinker

Dr. Margaret Brown and Mr. Christopher Maloney

Dr. and. Mrs. Steven Brown

Mr. and Mrs. David Nathaniel Burch

Ms. Laure Butcher

Mrs. Sara H. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hawes Crim Jr.

Ms. Susan Dale

Mr. John Estrada

Drs. Jacob and Fennechiena Dane

Ms. Lisa Caldwell Florence

Mr. Michael Freeman

Ms. Rhonda Gibson

Mrs. Jennifer P. Gilliland

Ms. Daisy Griffin

Ms. Jade Hawkins

Mr. James Andrew Hill

Mr. John David Hoerath

Dr. Robert Holm

Ms. Susan Hurst

Keystone Bank

Ms. Margarita Kessler

Dr. Erika L. Kleppinger

Mrs. Diane Bishop Knight

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Kramer

Ms. Jennifer Lolley

Mrs. Mary Ann MacKenzie

Ms. Dee Madison

Ms. Connie Masotti

Mr. and Mrs. William McWane

Mr. Wayne Mullins

Dr. Jill Christine Narak

Ms. Elizabeth Jennings Owen

Ms. Lisa Paustian

Mr. and Mrs. G. Wayne Pearce

Perry Garden Club

Mr. Gregory John Schmidt

Mr. Scott T. Sehnert

Ms. Mallory Smith

Ms. Sharon Tatum

The Thorn Family

Ms. Shannon Underwood

Dr. Chelsea Ward and Mr. Roger Birkhead

Mr. Robert Wellbaum

Ms. Katie Wilder

Mr. Gary W. Wittekind

Non-specified gift denominations:

Ms. Heather Crozier

Dr. Brian Via

Ms. Paula Davis

Ms. Wanda Dobie

Ms. Vikki Manning

Ms. Pennie Smith


Honorariums and Memorials

In memory of Dean George W. Bengtson

Mrs. Carolyn R. Coker

In memory of Hayden Peacock

Ms. Jennifer Heath

In memory of Dolores Yordi

Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Potter


To inquire about making a donation to the Kreher Preserve and Nature Center or becoming a sponsor, visit Giving to Auburn or contact Jennifer Lolley, outreach administrator, (334) 844-8091, ( or Sharon Tatum, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences development coordinator, (334) 844-1983, (