With great appreciation, we recognize the Kreher Preserve and Nature Center’s current annual members at the Hickory Level and above.



  • Dr. Crystal A. Kelley



  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hooks
  • Dr. Emily B. Kling



  • Drs. Barry and Mary Burkhart
  • Mr. Chauncey B. Holder
  • Mrs. Margaret Elaine Holler


White Oak

  • Mrs. Laura Jones Allen
  • Dr. Ellen Behrend and Mr. Charles Markle
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard Brinker
  • Mrs. Deborah Brooks
  • Mrs. C Jan Carrington
  • Drs. Matthew and Nicole Carter
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cleveland
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Frank Covington
  • Dr. Ross Ann Craig
  • Maj and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee Dyal
  • Mrs. Jennifer Heath
  • Mrs. Charlotte Ross Jordan
  • Dr. Michele M. King and Dr. Glen D. King
  • Dr. Elizabeth Ann Lipke
  • Dr. and Mrs. Scott Morrell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Reynolds
  • Dr. Martha and Mr. Duane Skelton
  • Ms. Leslie Swartz
  • Talon Services
  • Dr. Cory Unruh and Dr. Nathaniel Hardy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Le Walls
  • Mr. King Ed Williams, Jr.
  • Drs. Norman and Susan Youngblood



  • Ms. Linda G. Blair
  • Mr. and Mrs. David King Clay
  • Dr. Carol Fields Daron
  • Drs. Andrew and Amy Donaldson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Ray Glover
  • Ms. Jennifer Heath
  • Dr. Michael Hein and Ms. Kathleen Frey
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Hall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hlavaty
  • Mrs. Margaret Holler
  • Ms. Roberta Jackel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ledbetter
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lewis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Andrew Long Jr.
  • Drs. Joseph and Suzanne McElroy
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Parker
  • Mr. and Mrs. G. Wayne Pearce
  • Ms. Gwendolyn Pechman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Carl Owens
  • Dr. and Mrs. James Ryan
  • Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Stanaland
  • Ms. Barbara Pouncey Steele
  • Drs. Paul and Heather Walz
  • Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ward Jr.
  • Ms. Ashley Winfree


To become a member or upgrade or renew your membership please visit our membership pageemail us, or call (334) 707-7428.