With great appreciation we recognize Kreher Preserve and Nature Center current annual members at the Hickory level and above.



Dr. Crystal A. Kelley



Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hooks

Dr. Emily B. Kling



Drs. Barry and Mary Burkhart

Mr. Chauncey B. Holder

Mrs. Margaret Elaine Holler


White Oak

Mrs. Laura Jones Allen

Dr. Ellen Behrend and Mr. Charles Markle

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Brinker

Mrs. Deborah Brooks

Mrs. C Jan Carrington

Drs. Matthew and Nicole Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Frank Covington

Dr. Ross Ann Craig

Maj and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee Dyal

Mrs. Jennifer Heath

Mrs. Charlotte Ross Jordan

Dr. Michele M. King and Dr. Glen D. King

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Lipke

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Morrell

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Reynolds

Dr. Martha and Mr. Duane Skelton

Ms. Leslie Swartz

Talon Services

Dr. Cory Unruh and Dr. Nathaniel Hardy

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Le Walls

Mr. King Ed Williams, Jr.

Drs. Norman and Susan Youngblood



Ms. Linda G. Blair

Mr. and Mrs. David King Clay

Dr. Carol Fields Daron

Drs. Andrew and Amy Donaldson

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Ray Glover

Ms. Jennifer Heath

Dr. Michael Hein and Ms. Kathleen Frey

Mr. and Mrs. George Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hlavaty

Mrs. Margaret Holler

Ms. Roberta Jackel

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ledbetter

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Andrew Long Jr.

Drs. Joseph and Suzanne McElroy

Mr. and Mrs. John Parker

Mr. and Mrs. G. Wayne Pearce

Ms. Gwendolyn Pechman

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Carl Owens

Dr. and Mrs. James Ryan

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Stanaland

Ms. Barbara Pouncey Steele

Drs. Paul and Heather Walz

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ward Jr.

Ms. Ashley Winfree


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