With great appreciation we recognize Forest Ecology Preserve annual member contributions at the Hickory level and above as of November, 2013.



Dr. Crystal A. Kelley



Mr. and Mrs. William Byrd

Ms. Heather Vann Crozier

Dr. Lori Giget Eckhardt

Dr. Emily B. Kling

Dr. and Mrs. James Shepard



Dr. Frazier K. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Joe McConatha

Dr. Gary R. Mullen

Col William K. Ryland

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Edward Schrantz

The Orthopaedic Clinic P.C.


White Oak

Mr. and Mrs. William Reuben Bell

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Brinker

Mrs. Deborah Brooks

Mrs. C Jan Carrington

Dr. Ross Ann Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo De La Fuente

Mrs. Barbara Diers

Maj and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee Dyal

Mr. and Ms. Jin Harrison Elkins

Dr. Terrill Richard Hanson

Dr. Michele M. King and Dr. Glen D. King

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Large Jr.

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Lipke

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Melton

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Miyasaka

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Morrell

Dr. and Mrs. Francis Robicheaux

Ms. Leslie Swartz

Dr. and Mrs. Elliott Webber, Jr.

Drs. Norman and Susan Youngblood



Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Alexander

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Wade Todd Bennett

Dr. Jennifer Elizabeth Brooks

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Ray Glover

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Haney

Mrs. Margaret Holler

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Pearson Lethander

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lolley

Dr. and Mrs. Amnon Meir

Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Carl Owens

Mr. and Mrs. David Reuss

Ms. Barbara Pouncey Steele

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Le Walls


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