Woodland Wonders Nature Preschool

2021/22 CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY FULL – Please email us to be added to the waitlist: natureeducation@auburn.edu

Woodland Wonders Nature Preschool is Auburn’s first nature preschool and the second nature preschool in Alabama. “Nature preschool” is an innovative educational strategy that allows your child to learn about, with, and through nature, embracing the great outdoors as their classroom.  Children spend their school time exploring and uncovering knowledge in an environment where curiosity and child-led discovery are encouraged. This incredible, cutting-edge, and revolutionary philosophy combines early-childhood education and environmental awareness on a new level.

Nature preschool is guided by an emergent curriculum which supports children’s interests and voices while incorporating developmentally appropriate practices through play-based activities.  This approach has been proven to support children’s whole development including increased attention, self-discipline, physical activity, and motivation in an environment which has been shown to provide a more conducive place of learning (Kuo, Barnes, and Jordan, 2019).

Our Values

  • Humans have an inherent connection to the natural world.
  • The natural world offers endless opportunities for children to develop and grow in rich and engaging environments.
  • Each child has a unique voice that is valued and respected.
  • By teaching children respect and care for the natural world, they will become lifelong stewards of the earth.

Our Mission

To encourage and promote a child’s exploration, wonder, and delight in the natural world in an effort to cultivate their spirit of stewardship and connectedness to each other, their community, and the environment.

Children will learn together in a multi-age, group setting.  This ‘family’ style of learning encourages community and shared experiences.  In addition, children are supported, challenged, and grow through the peer relationships that they form through their class.

I’m loving this school. It’s totally outdoors. They climb trees, make art from found nature, catch critters and play with dirt. He comes home totally dirty, tired out and happy!

Karen, parent, Oct 2019