The Pro-B Method Application of Uneven-Aged Silviculture

Common Misconceptions related to Uneven-aged Silviculture


  • Stand Conversion–One of the biggest potential problems associated with the application of uneven-aged silviculture is mistakenly using a method like one of the traditional approaches to single-tree selection when converting an even-aged stand to uneven-aged.  The process of conversion may take one or more cutting cycles before it is possible to transition to a maintenance approach like Pro-B.  If your stand is currently even-aged, we suggest that you begin with an approach similar to that presented in this journal article.
  • All aged stands
  • Applicable only to shade-tolerant species
  • Allocation of equal area to each age class
  • diameter distributions and the depletion curve
  • diameter class width and q-value
  • issues with the rotated sigmoidal distribution

Last modified: August 29, 2018