Bruce Murray, College of Education The Reading Genie



Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers

Auburn University

Spring 2019

I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

Caroline Kaiser, Danny and Debbie the Dinosaurs Danced to Drums!

Autumn McCarley, Huffing H

Hannah Lee, Spray Like a Skunk with S

John David Phillips, Clowns Climbing with C

Olivia Bolton, Slithering Snake S

Miranda Chambliss, Jumping Rope with J

Savannah Newton, Bounce the Basketball with B

Allison King, T the Ticky Timer

Taylor Hoff, Tick Tock Time with T

Ulices Mena, S Slithers by the Sneaky Snake

Hannah Hardin, Cade Clicks his Camera to Capture his Cat Cassie

Claire Payne, Popping Perfect Popcorn!

Charleigh Bailey, Brush Your Teeth with F

Nicole Holmes, Lady the Lion Learns L

Sophie Zavaleta, Dancing & Bouncing with Bunnies

Lauren Sistrunk, Mama Monkey Says Mmmm with M

Michaela Clemons, Bounce Your Ball With B

Elizabeth Hamn, Nuts About N

Kylee Kimbrough, Bounce the Ball with B

Mackenzie Bonk, Leo the Lion Licks with L

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Hannah Lee, Aaaaa, An Ant!

John David Phillips, Icky I Says /i/

Miranda Chambliss, AAAA! Rollercoaster A!

Savannah Newton, Icky Sticky I

Taylor Hoff, The Sleepy Angel Yawns

Caroline Kaiser, Running in the Rain Under an Umbrella

Hannah Hardin, The Cake Was Ehhhhh Because of the Extra Eggs

Claire Payne, Icky Sticky Slime

Nicole Holmes, Izzy the Silly, Sticky Iguana

Lauren Sistrunk, Ehhh? What Did You Say?

Michaela Clemons, The Crying Baby Says /a/

Olivia Bolton, Crying Baby says “Aaaaaaaa”

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Autumn McCarley, Waving “Ay!” with a_e

Allison King, Aaaaayyyyyeeee!

Ulices Mena, “I”, Aye Captain

Charleigh Bailey, A, A, A. Don’t Take the Cookie!

Sophie Zavaleta, Aye My Eye

Kylee Kimbrough, A! A!

Mackenzie Bonk, Ay! The Ape Ate My Banana

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Elizabeth Hamn, Harry the Hound Dog

III. Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading with comprehension

Hannah Lee, Nothing Fishy About Fluency!

John David Phillips, Feeding into Fluency

Miranda Chambliss, Making Friends with Fluency

Autumn McCarley, The Rainbow Fish Reads Fluently

Allison King, Scrubbing Up Fluency Skills

Savannah Newton, Fluency with Friends

Taylor Hoff, Reading is not unBEARable

Ulices Mena, Patrolling for Fluency

Caroline Kaiser, Flipping into Fluency

Hannah Hardin, Dancing with Fluency

Claire Payne, Fishing for Fluency!

Charleigh Bailey, Finding Fluency

Nicole Holmes, Racing for Reading Genies

Sophie Zavaleta, Growing in Fluency

Lauren Sistrunk, Cheering for Fluency

Michaela Clemons, If You Teach a Mouse Fluency

Elizabeth Hamn, Fairy Tales and Fluency for Me and for You

Kylee Kimbrough, Fishing for Fluency

Mackenzie Bonk, Olivia Finds Fluency

Olivia Bolton, If You Give a Moose Fluency

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading

Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

John David Phillips, The Panda Can Summarize

Caroline Kaiser, Summarization with Polar Bears

Hannah Hardin, Summarizing with Silky the Snake

Ulices Mena, Summarizing with Red Pandas

Claire Payne, Swimming into Summarization

Allison King, Summarization Skills Like No Otter

Charleigh Bailey, Leap into Summarization

Nicole Holmes, Swimming into Summarization

Sophie Zavaleta, Swimming into Summarization

Hannah Lee, Surprise! Let’s Summarize!

Lauren Sistrunk, Cool Cat Summarizing

Taylor Hoff, Swimming into Summarization with Sea Turtles

Michaela Clemons, Swinging into Summarization

Kylee Kimbrough, Saving with Summarization

Elizabeth Hamn, Coloring the Way to Summarization

Mackenzie Bonk, Summarizing With Seals

Olivia Bolton, Leap Into Summarization

Savannah Newton, Splashing into Summarization

Lessons for teaching visualization

Autumn McCarley, Vivid Visualization

Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions

Miranda Chambliss, Questioning the Wild

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