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Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers
Auburn University 
Spring 2018

I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

Madeline Griffith, Yell Yay with Y 
Caroline Colley, Vacuum with Virginia
Bailey Black, Popping with P!
Morgan Anderson, Say Yum with m
Abby Watson, He Has the H-H-H-Hiccups!
Samuel V. Walker, Buzzing Like a Bee With the Letter Z!
Kristen Watkins, Bunny Hopping with B
Sadie Shell, Girls Giggle With G
Amy Maynard, Zane Zips with Letter Z
Dawson Williams, Bouncing the Ball with Bailey in the Bahamas
Cassie Jones, Buzzy the Bee Bunts the Ball
Anna Cagle, P-p-popping Popcorn with P
Laura Catrett Tamblyn, Vacuum with V
Emmy Wilson, Mowing the Lawn with M
Parker VanDurand, Growl With R
Neala Casey, Deep Breaths with H
Emily Johnston, Zigzag the Zebra
Destiny Knight, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Yummy in My Tummy
Hannah Locklear, P is for Piper the Pig
Aaron Bush, Growling with the Letter R
Karen Harris, Jan Jones Eats Jumbo Jelly Beans with Jam
Brandy Price, Henry the Panting Hound
Hannah Sykes, Touch the Roof of Your Mouth with T
Jesslyn Cochran, Popping Popcorn with the Letter P
Katie Ryan, Fishing for Fun with F
Shelby Birdsong, The Smart Starfish
Morgan Ball, Randy Rabbit’s Rock
Jordana Kaltner, Boom Boom Goes the Big Bear!
Madeline Northrop, Happy Hippos Can Help Us Learn H
Gracie Mahoney, Thomas Lost his First Tooth
Lauren Bryant, Ding Dong! D is at the Door!
Kate Dease, Blowing Bubbles with B
Sara Mann, A Zoo Full of Z’s
Caroline Horton, Balls b-b-b- bouncing
Paige DeShazo, Pancakes with Piper the Pig
Alana Aplin, Making Milkshakes with Maddie
Tiffany Taylor, Crunchin’ On Some Cookies with Miss Taylor
Katie Sullivan, Pink Packs Up The Path
Tay Tay Stroud, Blowfish Blowing Bubbles with B
Sydney Beatty, Slide Down With S
Lydia Hunt, Peter Pops Corn
Mary Baker Jones, Caterpillars crawling around the letter C
Sierra Hopkins, Princesses Popping Popcorn
Baley Justice, Several Sassy Snakes
Sarah Lundey, Quacking with Q
Jessica Bilek, Sly Snake Slithers
Katie Sullivan, Pink Packs Up the Path
Hannah Wiggins, Zipping with Z
Taylor Striblin, Yummy In My Tummy!
Tasha Lavish, S-S-Slither goes the Silly Snake
Hannah Lingerfelt, Mmm that tastes Yummy!
 Abigail Daniels, Sliding Snail Slithers down the Slide
Baylee Gibbs, Brrrr, Said The Big Polar Bear
Kara Brinkman, Wishy Washy W
 Brooke Littleton, Zebras of the Zoo
II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels 

Bailey Black, Icky Sticky Gum!
Dawson Williams, Uh, I Dunno!
Laura Catrett Tamblyn, Yawn Like an Angel and Say /o/
Sadie Shell, The Yawning O
Cassie Jones, I Is Icky Sticky!
Abby Watson, A Long, Long Yawn
Morgan Anderson, Aaaa, an Alligator!
Hannah Locklear, Snug as a Bug in a Rug
Samuel Walker, Don’t Be Scared…Yell “aaaa!”
Karen Harris, Icky Piggy
Hannah Sykes, The Ugly Duck says Uhhh!

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels 

Madeline Griffith, We AR Pirates!
Amy Maynard, Rose Rode the Slope Alone!
Anna Cagle, The Pirate says ‘A’ Matey
Caroline Colley, /I/, /I/ Captain!
Parker VanDurand, Yay! I Made Long A!
Emily Johnston, I, I, I Can’t Believe I…
Destiny Knight, Everybody Say “AYY” We’re Gonna’ Learn Today
Aaron Bush, Drake Ate the Cake
Neala Casey, Hey You!
Emmy Wilson, I… I… I … I Can’t Believe It
Brandy Price, A Loves To Bake
Jesslyn Cochran, Abe the Ape Ate All the Cake

Lessons for teaching blending, crosschecking, spelling, or wordmapping

Kristen Watkins, Uncovering Spelling

Additional beginning reading lessons

Katie Ryan, The Pink Igloo
Shelby Birdsong, Let’s Make a Pie with P
Morgan Ball, Open Wide
Jordana Kaltner, Wait- Wet Paint!
 Madeline Northrop, Let’s Taco Bout the Letter O
Elle Turner, Finn Likes to Fish
Gracie Mahoney, “Say AHHH” says the doctor
 Lauren Bryant, EW! Taste this Stew!
Kate Dease, Icky Sticky Big Popsicle
Sara Mann, The Goal is O
Caroline Horton, Pipers Icky Sticky Drippy Glue
Paige DeShazo, Ick!! Icky, Sticky!!!
Alana Aplin, Icky, Sticky, Popsicles!
Tiffany Taylor, Everybody Loves Cake!
Katie Sullivan, Act Takes the Cake
Tay Tay Stroud, Icky Sticky Sticky Short i
Sydney Beatty, Sage in Space
Lydia Hunt, Kites and Bikes
Mary Baker Jones, Dave Baked a Cake
Sierra Hopkins, Icky Sticky Mickey
Baley Justice, Pigs Dip into the Mud!
Sarah Lundey, Moo with Cooper the Cow
Jessica Bilek, Weee!! This Rollercoaster is Fun!
Katie Sullivan, Act Takes the Cake
Hannah Wiggins, Pinky’s Up for Long I
Taylor Striblin, I Came From Space!
Tasha Lavish, AYE Let’s go ice skate!
Hannah Lingerfelt, Raise both hands and say “aye!”
Abigail Daniels, Look at those balloons!
Baylee Gibbs, Ruuuff Ruuuff Goes the Happy Dog
Kara Brinkman, Say Cheese Please!
Brooke Littleton, Ay! I love pizza too!


III. Growing Independence and Fluency 

Lessons for teaching faster reading with comprehension

Madeline Griffith, The Fast and the Furious Readers
Anna Cagle, Running to Fluency
Caroline Colley, Up, Up and Away With Fluency
Dawson Williams, Fishing for Fluency
Amy Maynard, Go Wild For Reading!
Aaron Bush, The Boss of Fluency
Cassie Jones, Kicking it with Fluency!
Sadie Shell, Talkin’ Tacos and Fluency
Emily Johnston, Learning Fluency from Napoleon’s Pet Crocodile
Abby Watson, Splashing into Fluency
Morgan Anderson, Fluency Fun with the Cat in the Hat
Kristen Watkins, Dribbling Into Fluency
Bailey Black, If You Teach a Mouse to be a Fluent Reader…
Hannah Locklear, Swimming into Fluency
Neala Casey, Piggin’ Out About Fluent Reading
Samuel Walker, Ready…Steady…Read!
Emmy Wilson, Sharing the Love of Fluency
Parker Van Durand. Glowing With Summarization
Karen Harris, Where the Wild READINGS Are!
Brandy Price, Giving Fluency
Hannah Sykes, We Have Bear-y Good Fluency
Jesslyn Cochran, Dancing into Fluency

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading

Destiny Knight, Flowing with Fluency

Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly 

Laura Catrett Tamblyn, Read Like a Mouse
Parker VanDurand, Moving Like A Mouse When Reading
Additional fluency lessons
Katie Ryan, Flying into Fluency
Shelby Birdsong, Cooking with Fluency!
Morgan Ball, The Shrunken Head
Jordana Kaltner, Running to Reading Fluency
Madeline Northrop, Best Fluency Buddy
Elle Turner, Surfing for Fluency
Gracie Mahoney, Hop into Fluency
Lauren Bryant, It’s a Fluency Party!
Kate Dease, Leaping into Spring
Sara Mann, Fluency on the Farm
Caroline Horton, Finding Fluency Through Mushy Gushy Valentines
Paige DeShazo, Swimming Into Fluency
Alana Aplin, Sliding into Fluency
Tiffany Taylor, Growing Towards Fluency
Katie Sullivan, Over the Moon with Fluency
Tay Tay Stroud, If you Teach A Mouse Fluency
Sydney Beatty, The Adventures of Fluency
Lydia Hunt, Dragons Love Fluency
Mary Baker Jones, The Day the Crayons Learned Fluency
Sierra Hopkins, Fun with Fluency
Baley Justice, Be a Captain in Fluency!
Sarah Lundey, Learning Fluency with Gerald and Piggie
Jessica Bilek, Running to Word Fluency
Katie Sullivan, Over the Moon with Fluency
Hannah Wiggins, Fresh Cut Fluency
Taylor Striblin, Hunny, I’m a Fluent Reader!
Tasha Lavish, New Friends Fluency Fun!
Hannah Lingerfelt, Pete the Cat searches for missing fluency and cupcakes!
Abigail Daniels, Sammy the Seal sailing to fluency
Baylee Gibbs, You’re Dino-Mite at Fluency, Growing Fluency
Kara Brinkman, If You  Teach a Reader Fluency
Brooke Littleton, Making moves into Fluency with Mice
IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization 

Dawson Williams, Swimming into Summarization
Caroline Colley, Turtle-lly Awesome Summarization
Laura Catrett Tamblyn, Recycling for Summarization
Emily Johnston, Learning Summarization and Inclusion at the Same Time!
Anna Cagle, What Time is It? Time to Summarize
Sadie Shell, Summarization is Bear-y Cool
Destiny Knight, Main Idea, What’s the Point?
Abby Watson, Swimming into Summarization 2
Morgan Anderson, Summarizing with Sea Turtles
Kristen Watkins, Swimming in Summarization 2
Bailey Black, How Whale Can You Read?
Hannah Locklear, Sea-ing Summarization
Aaron Bush, Chomping Through Summarization
Neala Casey, (En)Danger! Need Help with Summarization
Cassie Jones, Reaching High Towards Summarization
Samuel Walker, Flying High With Summarizing!
Emmy Wilson, Swimming the Sea with Summarization
Karen Harris, Going Bananas with Summarization
Brandy Price, Summer-i-zing Summarizations
Hannah Sykes, We’re Not Lion, We Can Summarize
Jesslyn Cochran, Buzzing and Splashing into Summarization

Lessons for teaching visualization 

Madeline Griffith, Brain Movies: Visualizing What We Read
Amy Maynard, Bite into Visualization

Additional lessons for reading to learn

Katie Ryan, Spring into Summarization
Shelby Birdsong, Buzzing with Summarization
Morgan Ball, There are two Sides to Every Story
Jordana Kaltner, Sum It Up!
 Madeline Northrop, When I Grow Up I Wanna Visualize
 Elle Turner, Summarizing with Sally the Sea Turtle
Gracie Mahoney, Summarizing with Spots
Lauren Bryant, Summarization is Out of this World!
Kate Dease, Climbing into Summarization
Sara Mann, Vivid Vocabulary
Caroline Horton, Summarizing in the Sea
Taylor Striblin, Swimming with Summaries!
Alana Aplin, Summarization with Penguins
Tiffany Taylor, Searching for Summarization
Katie Sullivan, Swimming with Summarization
Tay Tay Stroud, Summarize Station
Sydney Beatty, Creeping & Crawling into Summarization
Lydia Hunt, Summarizing in Saturn
Mary Baker Jones, Swinging into Summarization
Sierra Hopkins, Summarizing with Sea Lions
Baley Justice, Foggy Summarization
Paige DeShazo, Leaping into Summarization
Sarah Lundey, Sailing into Summarization
Jessica Bilek, Summarizing Silly Sea Lions
Katie Sullivan, Swimming with Summarization
Hannah Wiggins, Flying Our Way to Reading Comprehension
Tasha Lavish, It’s Raining Summaries! Oh my!
Hannah Lingerfelt, Blue Whales: the biggest animal on earth!
Abigail Daniels, Summarizing with Sloths
Baylee Gibbs, Stepping Into Summarization
Kara Brinkman, High There, Summarization!
Brooke Littleton, Swinging into Summarization 2
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