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Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
Fall 2019

Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

Emily Atherton, Click your Camera with C

Mallory Kelley, Sally the Sneaky Snake

DeAngelo Johnson, Washing Clothes with W

Kendall Woody, Chewing Like a Chipmunk with Ch

Brandy Baugh, Beat the Bongos with B

Ruth Lee, Popcorn Party with Mr. Pup-Pup!

Caroline Harris, Sizzle the Sausage with the Sound /s/

Kacey Kilgore, Zipping with Z

Emily Rutledge, B, The Bouncing Ball

Madelyn Brown, Bounce a Ball with Bob

Emma Pincheon, Huffing Hounds with H

Kathleen Smith, Vacuum with V

Lauren Whittle, Click the Camera with C

Brandler, Sarah, The Slithering Snake Called S

Hannah Ayers, Popping with the Letter P

Callen Popwell, Sizzling a Steak with Sam

Katherine Moss, Shush the Crying Baby with Sh

Julia Sbrissa, Huffing Like a Hound

Caroline Jones, Clicking C

Christina Hogan, Make the Mess Vanish with Vacuum V

Alexandria Miller, Hounding H

Cora Blue, Beat the Drum with D

Caroline Pond, Building Popcorn Puzzles with P

Jaden Bellina, Buzz Like a Bee with the Z

Jessica Merritt, Jump Your Jump Rope with J

Sarah Crawford, Tick-Tock Like a Clock

Cassidy Pilcher, Bounce the Basketball, Bobby!

Elizabeth Manning, Roaring like a Dinosaur with R

Erin Stringfellow, Bounce the Basketball with B

Victoria Olney,  Quickly Quivering

Sarah Northcutt, Hitting a Golf Ball with B

Anna Ickes, Washing Your Clothes with W

Anna Thompson, Slither with S

Stevie Potts, Slither like a Snake with S

Molly Whitlock, Drinking your Drink with G!

Catherine Wiley, Clicking a Pen With C!

Madison Wilhite, The Ticking Clock with T

Kayla Tucker, Vvvvvacuum the House!

Drake Jones, Hissing Like a Snake

Anna Reid Dove, Mr. Monkey Says MMM

Emily Christensen, Slither Like A Snake With S

Savannah Moseley, D for Dinosaur

Grace Sanders, Huff like a Dog with H

Marion Dukes, Zipping Up Our Z

Hannah Helton, Popping With P

Ally Cross, Popcorn Pops with P!

Lolly Zimmerman, Growling Dog With R

Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Caroline Harris, Sam Wears Socks

Madelyn Brown, Bob Got a Dog!

Kathleen Smith, Sticky I says /i/

Lauren Whittle, Aaaaaa, an Alligator!

Anna Reid Dove, Aaa, you scared me!

Katherine Moss, The Yawning O

Emma Pincheon, Aaaa, an Alligator!

Caroline Pond, Bill the Boxer Says “Uh! Uh!”

Jaden Bellina, Mr. Pig is Big!

Emily Atherton, Coach Sam says, “B-aaa-tter up!”

Mallory Kelley, Aaaaaaaa, An Alligator!

Cora Blue, Getting Icky, Sticky with i

Sarah Crawford, Pooh’s Icky Sticky Honey

Erin Stringfellow, Icky, Sticky Bubble Gum

Victoria Olney, Coby says EH?

Anna Ickes, Every E Says /e/

Anna Thompson, Aaaa, A Ghost

Molly Whitlock, I Got This!

Kendall Woody, Aaaa! I’m Scared!

Drake Jones, Tim Wishes to Fish


Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Kayla Tucker, Eye See You!

Maddie Wilhite, Evie says, “EEEE”!

Elizabeth Manning, He Ate a Big Bite

Hannah Helton, Ay, Welcome To My Summer Wonderland

Kacey Kilgore, Ouch!! That Hurt!

Emily Rutledge, The Bee is Free! What Glee!

Emily Christensen, The Bride Says,”I Do!”

Callen Popwell, Ow! That Hurt

Julia Sbrissa, Piper Flies Her Kite

Caroline Jones, Oh No, We Are Late!

Alexandria Miller, Play on the Train

Jessica Merritt, Aye, Aye, Captain

DeAngelo Johnson, Hey, Are You Okay?

Cassidy Pilcher, Let’s Bake a Cake!

Brandy Baugh, Plan(et) of the Ape

Sarah Northcutt, BEEP! Get Out of the Way!

Stevie Potts, Jane the Brave!

Catherine Wiley, Ouch That Hurt!

Christina Hogan, Ay, It’s My Lucky Day!

Savannah Moseley, MINE, MINE, MINE

Sarah Brandler, Boo to You

Hannah Ayers, Eek! A Ghost!

Grace Sanders, Eek! There’s a Bee!

Marion Dukes, Make the Ponies Say, Hay!

Ally Cross, Eek! I’m Scared!

Lolly Zimmerman, Jake Take the Cake

Ruth Lee, Miss A and a Spade

Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading with comprehension

Erin Stringfellow, Fresh Fluency with Junie B. Jones

Cora Blue, Sailing Into Fluency

Molly Whitlock, Giving a Moose Fluency

Sarah Northcutt, A Mouse with Fluency

Stevie Potts, Soaring into Fluency

Kacey Kilgore, Skating for Fluency

Emily Rutledge, If You Give A Mouse Some Fluency

Katherine Moss, It’s Fluency, Charlie Brown!

Kathleen Smith, Surfing into Fluency

Caroline Jones, Flipping for Fluency

Lauren Whittle, Nothing Fishy about Fluency!

Grace Sanders, It’s Fluency Day Mouse

Callen Popwell, Flipping for Fluency

Alexandria Miller, Moving into Fluency

Cassie Pilcher, As Fast as a Mouse Fluency

Julia Sbrissa, Snacking for Fluency

Emma Pincheon, Perfecting Fluency with Pete!

Caroline Pond, Reading is Not UnBEARable

Jaden Bellina, Literacy is THE BEST!

Jessica Merritt, Leaping into Fluency

Caroline Harris, Swimming in Fluent Reading

Emily Atherton, Learning Fluency with a Little Monkey Business

Mallory Kelley, Rock-On Fluency!

Ruth Lee, Lo, Sail the Boat of Fluency!

Sarah Crawford, Baking Into Fluency

DeAngelo Johnson, Dancing for Fluency

Elizabeth Manning, Fishing for Fluency

Brandy Baugh, Every Trick in the Spell Book

Victoria Olney, Rise up with your Reading Muscles

Anna Ickes, A Good Day for Fluency

Anna Thompson, Chirping Towards Fluency

Catherine Wiley, Mining For Fluency!

Madison Wilhite, Baking for Fluency

Kendall Woody, Fishy About Fluency!

Kayla Tucker, Hopping into Fluency

Madelyn Brown, Climbing to Fluency

Drake Jones, Racing for Fluency

Christina Hogan, Blast Off with Fluency

Anna Reid Dove, Finding Fluency with the Cat in the Hat

Emily Christensen, Mice, Cookies, and Fluency… OH MY!

Savannah Moseley, Fun with Fluency

Sarah Brandler, Nothing Fishy About Fluency

Hannah Ayers, Scrubbing Up Fluency

Marion Dukes, Fluency Frenzy

Hannah Helton, Mooing to Fluency

Ally Cross, Dancing with Fluency

Lolly Zimmerman, Hiking For Fluency

Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Jaden Bellina, Blown Away with Reading

Lauren Whittle, On Fire for Summarization

Emily Atherton, Learning to Roar by Summarization

Mallory Kelley, Soaking Up Summarization!

Emily Rutledge, The Surprise of the Summarize!

Cora Blue, Swimming to Summarization

Emma Pincheon, Summarization within Reach

Caroline Jones, Swimming in Summarization

Kacey Kilgore, Whooooo Can Summarize?

Jessica Merritt, Summarizing with Sharks

Katherine Moss, Swimming in Summarization

Sarah Crawford, The Summarizing Sloth

Ruth Lee, Declare the Independence to the Reading!

DeAngelo Johnson, Using About-Point to Handle the Main Idea

Cassidy Pilcher, Out of this World Summarization!

Elizabeth Manning, Stomping into Summarization

Caroline Harris, Summarizing with Sam the Shark

Erin Stringfellow, Summarizing with American Alligators

Brandy Baugh, Let’s get Kraken

Victoria Olney, Shaking up Summarization

Sarah Northcutt, Swing into Summarization

Anna Ickes, Reading to Learn with Rays

Kathleen Smith, Coloring the Way to Summarization

Anna Thompson, Flying into Summarization

Stevie Potts, Stomping into Summarization!

Molly Whitlock, Summarizers Recycle!

Catherine Wiley, Galloping into Summarization!

Madison Wilhite, Summarizing on the Farm

Kendall Woody, Swimming Into Summarization

Kayla Tucker, Sun Summarization

Caroline Pond, Ready, Set, Summarize

Callen Popwell, Sniffing Out Summarization

Christina Hogan, Make a Splash with Summarization!

Madelyn Brown, Buzzing with Summarization

Drake Jones, Summarizing With the Silly Sloth

Anna Reid Dove, Fabulous Findings to Summarization

Emily Christensen, Can We Piggie Please Summarize?

Savannah Moseley, Summarizing with Sam the Sea Turtle

Sarah Brandler, Platypus Pals Playing With Summarization

Hannah Ayers, How Whale Can You Summarize?

Grace Sanders, Jumping into Summarization

Marion Dukes, Crashing into Comprehension

Hannah Helton, Soaring into Summarization

Ally Cross, Ice Cream for Summaries

Lolly Zimmerman, Summarizing While Soaring the Sky

Julia Sbrissa, Swimming into Summarization


Lessons for teaching visualization

Alexandria Miller, Visualizing Like No Otter



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