Bruce Murray, College of Education The Reading Genie



Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers

Auburn University 

Spring 2020   


I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

Meredith Langman, Tick the Time Away with T

Emily Tate, Zip Up Your Jacket with Z

Emma Webb, Pop Along with P

Megan Schrock, Bouncing a Basketball With B

Breanna Jackson, Huffing With H

Anne Scott Turner, Pete the Penguin Popped Popcorn

Lexie Motes, Hiss like a Snake with S

Grace Loggins, Popping with the Letter P!

Aspen Zaloga, Popping Popcorn for P

Charlie Marks, Feel Your Heart Beat with B

Laura Sims, Popping Popcorn with Letter P

Annah Harrelson, Slither Like a Snake with S!

Courtney Keeble, Lapping L

Caroline Whitehead, Kicking Karate with K

Logan Boyd, Eat Yummy Foods with M

Caroline Dean, Pop Popcorn with P!

Shelby Bramblett, H is Hot!

Olivia Hooper, Telling the Time with the Ticking Timer T

Samantha Eason, Sizzle Some Sausages with S

Grace Bailey, Sneaky Snakes Hiss

Lindsey Cleary, Bounce a Ball with B

Heather McRae, Gulping Gatorade with G!

Delaney Jeter, Bounce with a B!

Haleigh Johnson,  Monkey Munches with M!

Maddie Bradford, Jack Jumping for Joy for J

Mary Ashley Kinney, Zip With Your Zipper

Tabitha Hadaway, Gulping Grape Juice with Gracie

Hunter Grace Jernigan, Growl with R

Taylor Humphrey, Licking Lollypops with L

Allie Williams, Bobby Bippy’s Bouncing Basketball with B

Harli Shurden, Tik Tok Timer T

Carlie Collazo, Jet off with J

Lizzy Buchanan, Dinosaurs Dancing with D

McKenzie Griggs, Silly Snake Says “ssss”

Sidney Richards, Slithering Like A Snake With S

Sarah Peyton Olive, Pop the Popcorn with P

Anna Grizzard, Wishy Washy Waves

Bailey Dewberry, Hissing Like a Snake with S

Madison Gillis, Slither Like a Snake with /s/


II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels 

Anne Scott Turner, Open Wide at the Doctor’s Office

Lexie Motes, Uhh, What Did You Say?

Grace Loggins, Icky, Icky, Sticky!

Aspen Zaloga, Icky Sticky Bubble Gum

Laura Sims, Creaky Door E

Courtney Keeble, Sticky, Icky I

Logan Boyd, Icky Sticky

Caroline Dean, The Doctor Says “Say Ahh!”

Olivia Hooper, The Dog Likes to Jog!

Samantha Eason, Uhhhhhh, What?

Hunter Grace Jernigan, Confused EH?

Allie Williams, Aaaaaaa, an Alligator

Harli Shurden, Open Wide

Carlie Collazo, Chloe picks her Favorite Chips

McKenzie Griggs, E says “EHHHHHH,” Like a Creaky Door!

Sidney Richards, Say “aaa”

Anna Grizzard, Uh, Wait a Minute


Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels 

Emily Tate, Aiding the A

Emma Webb, We Say “Ai!” Instead of “Hey!”

Megan Schrock, Ow! That Hurt!

Breanna Jackson, We Are Baking A Cake

Meredith Langman, BEEP! Please Move!

Charlie Marks, Ooo, That’s Cool!

Annah Harrelson, Follow ai over the Rainbow!

Caroline Whitehead, Ay! Its time to Board the Train

Shelby Bramblett, Ay, Mate!

Grace Bailey, Hey! How Are You?

Lindsey Cleary, Fine! Let’s Go Down the Slide

Heather McRae, I Have an Eyepatch!

Delaney Jeter, Pirates Say, Aye Mate!

Haleigh Johnson, Ayeee, What’s up?

Maddie Bradford, Ew that Stinks!

Mary Ashley Kinney, Aye Aye Captain

Tabitha Hadaway, The Ghost says “BOO”

Taylor Humphrey, Aye, Aye, Captain

Lizzy Buchanan, Eek, a Sheep!

Sarah Peyton Olive, “Aye, Aye, Captain!”

Madison Gillis, Aye, Let’s Enjoy Cake!


Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs

Bailey Dewberry, Tick! Tock! Says the Clock!


III. Growing Independence and Fluency 

Lessons for teaching faster reading with comprehension

Emily Tate, Junie B. Jones and the Smooth, Fluent Reading

Emma Webb, Ms. Frizzle and Fluency

Megan Schrock, When You Give a Mouse Fluency

Breanna Jackson, If You Give A Mouse Fluency

Meredith Langman, Swimming for Fluency

Anne Scott Turner, Buzzing Around for Fluency

Lexie Motes, Fishing for Fluency

Grace Loggins, Swimming for Fluency!

Aspen Zaloga, Flying for Fluency

Charlie Marks, Learning Fluency with our Pal Poppleton

Laura Sims, Waiting on Fluency

Annah Harrelson, Fishing for Fluency

Courtney Keeble, Flying into Fluency with Fly Guy!

Caroline Whitehead, Dragon Masters of Fluency

Logan Boyd, Fluency with Junie B

Caroline Dean, If You Give a Pig Some Fluency!

Shelby Bramblett, Stepping into Fluency with Pete the Cat!

Olivia Hooper, Flying into Fluency

Samantha Eason, Flipping for Fluency

Grace Bailey, If You Give a Mouse a Book

Lindsey Cleary, Finding Fluency with Pete the Cat

Heather McRae, Building Fluency!

Delaney Jeter, The Day You Didn’t Quit Reading!

Haleigh Johnson, Fishing for Fluency

Maddie Bradford, If You Give a Mouse Fluency

Mary Ashley Kinney, Finding Our Shadow With Fluency

Tabitha Hadaway, Learning Fluency with Junie B. Jones

Hunter Grace Jernigan, Best Friends: Fluency, Frog and Toad

Taylor Humphrey, Riding to Fluency with Junie B. Jones

Allie Williams, Fluency with the Hungry Mouse

Harli Shurden, Fluency with a Mouse

Carlie Collazo, Fluency in a Hot Dog Bun

Lizzy Buchanan, If You Give a Dog Fluency

McKenzie Griggs, Flying into Growing Fluency!

Sidney Richards, Following The Path To Fluency

Sarah Peyton Olive, If You Teach a Pig Fluency

Anna Grizzard, Fluency with Junie B!

Bailey Dewberry, When You Give a Mouse Fluency

Madison Gillis, Giggling with Fluency


IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization 

Meredith Langman, It’s Smart to Summarize!

Lexie Motes, Let’s Hop Into Summer and Summarize!

Grace Loggins, Flying into Summarization!

Anne Scott Turner, Swimming into Summarization!

Aspen Zaloga, Sailing into Summarization

Charlie Marks, Switching Colors to Summarize

Laura Sims, Swinging into Summarization

Megan Schrock, Swimming into Summarization

Annah Harrelson, Running with Reading Comprehension

Courtney Keeble, Space Exploration Summarization

Breanna Jackson, Leaping Into Summarization

Emily Tate, Slithering Into Summarization

Logan Boyd, Hopping Into Summarizing

Caroline Dean, Surprise! Let’s Summarize!

Shelby Bramblett, Surviving Summarization with Perry the Platypus!

Olivia Hooper, Soaring into Summarization

Samantha Eason, Stomping into Summarization

Emma Webb, Sandy Summarization

Grace Bailey, Summarizing is Like Connecting Dots

Lindsey Cleary, One Small step for Summarization, One Giant Leap for Comprehension

Heather McRae, Summarizing Science!

Delaney Jeter, Diving Deep Into Summaries!

Haleigh Johnson,  Summarizing on the Savannah!

Maddie Bradford, Sloths Surfing Through Summarization

Mary Ashley Kinney, Swimming With Sharks and Summarizing

Tabitha Hadaway, Summarizing is Easy as Pie!

Hunter Grace Jernigan, Four Score and Summary Years Ago…

Taylor Humphrey, Out of This World Summarization

Allie Williams, Swimming into Summarization with Sea Turtles

Harli Shurden, Swimming into Summarization

Carlie Collazo, Summarizing with Sophie the Spotted Salamander

Lizzy Buchanan, Koala-ty Reading

McKenzie Griggs, Swimming into Summarization

Sidney Richards, Summarizing Made Simple

Sarah Peyton Olive, Buzzing Into Summarization

Anna Grizzard, Swimming into Summarization

Bailey Dewberry, Slide into Summarization

Madison Gillis, Salsa Into Summarization


Lessons for teaching visualization 

Caroline Whitehead, Venture into a New Land with Visualization 

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