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Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers
Auburn University 
Fall 2018  

I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

Eliza Gaber, A Gnat Nags

Olivia James, Charlie the Chipmunk says Ch Ch Ch

Anna Pugh, Clean Your House with V

Ashley Kirkland, The Silly Slithering Snake with S

Ellie Tschetter, The Letter L with Loud Lions

Gracie Champion, Molly’s Monkey

Emma Kirkpatrick, Zack the Zebra Learns to Zip with Z

Landry Foster, Tell Time With T

Andie Attia, Popping Popcorn with P

Abby Elsea, Piglet the Pink Pig Pops Bubble Gum!

Anna Sienkiewicz, Jumping for Joy with J

Emma Cook, Pant like a Puppy with H

Kylie Witcher, Bounce the Ball with B

Meleigha Kizer, Go to the Zoo with S

Maggie Murchison, Say Mmmm with M

Sophie Taylor, Eating Some Cookies with M

Melanie Abbott, Beating a Drum with B

Taylor Holman, Slither like a Sneaky Snake with S

Anna Mungenast, Play Ping Pong with P

Emme Levins, Mmmmm! That’s good!

Mackenzie Skinner, Flossing Fun with F!

Caitlin Williams, Let Your Yak Sleep for Y

Kaleigh Coltrain, H-H-Hiding With H

Jordan Westmoreland, Pop Pop Popcorn

Rachel Allen, Slytherin Snakes Say Ssss

Hannah Pierce, Zip Your Zipper with Z

Delaney O’Brien, Tim Tells Time

Emily Griffin, Mmm! Making Meals for Mr. Monkey

Caroline Shea, Fan Your Mouth After Eating Something Hot

Jennifer Ross. Ring the Bell With D!

Mary Margaret Grammas, Count Tick-Tocks on the Clock with T

Tayler Rose, Popping Popcorn with Peter

Caroline Kester, Lap Some Liquid with L

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels 

Kaleigh Coltrain, UHHH, I’m Unsure!

Hannah Pierce, Icky I says /i/

Caroline Shea, /o/ Open Wide!

Emma Cook, The Alligator goes aaa!

Emma Kirkpatrick, Aaaaa Cried the Baby!

Jennifer Ross, Eh? What did you say?

Ashley Kirkland, Say “ahh” with o

Gracie Champion, Sticky Fingers

Mackenzie Skinner, Short i is Icky Sticky

Emme Levins, Aaaa! A Spider!

Abby Elsea, Icky Sticky Bubble Gum!

Caitlin Williams, The Crying Baby Lesson

Jordan Westmoreland, “Ahhh,” Oliver Is Sleepy

Emily Griffin, Yawn! It’s Time for Bed!

Anna Sienkiewicz, “AAA” Cried the Baby!

Landry Foster, Ick!! What’s On My Hands?!

Taylor Holman, Lick the Icky Sticky Popsicle!

Melanie Abbott, Ice Cream is Icky Sticky!

Kylie Witcher, I is Icky and Sticky!

Mary Margaret Grammas, Micky is Icky and Sticky

Tayler Rose, Icky Sticky Lollipop

Caroline Kester, Open the Door with short e!

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Andie Attia, A! A! A!

Sophie Taylor, Ay, Nice Dance Moves!

Anna Mungenast, Wait…I don’t want to be late!

Anna Pugh, Ew! That Smells!

Eliza Gaber, Ay! It’s Mine!

Ellie Tschetter, Ew! Gross!

Rachel Allen, You Use U

Delaney O’Brien, Aye Aye Captain

Maggie Murchison, Ayyy What’s Up Man

Olivia James, Ay I am from Canada

Meleigha Kizer, Ow, That Hurt!


III. Growing Independence and Fluency 

Lessons for teaching faster reading with comprehension

Rachel Allen, Wildly Independent Reading

Sophie Taylor, If You Teach a Pig Fluency

Andie Attia, Flying to Fluency

Emma Cook, Fishing with Bears into Fluency

Emma Kirkpatrick, Reading into Fluency with Bears

Jennifer Ross, Reading All the Way to the Finish Line

Anna Mungenast, Swimming into Fluent Reading

Anna Pugh, Saving Up for Fluency

Ashley Kirkland, Flying Into Fluency

Eliza Gaber, Leaping into Fluency

Gracie Champion, Barking into Fluency

Mackenzie Skinner, Fast Finish to Fluency!

Ellie Tschetter, Hopping Toward Fluency

Emme Levins, Cheetah Readers

Abby Elsea, The Day the Crayons Became Fluent Readers!

Caitlin Williams, Fluency with Fish

Kaleigh Coltrain, Flipping for Fluency

Jordan Westmoreland, Hopping Into Fluency

Hannah Pierce, Trucking Our Way to Fluency

Emily Griffin, Picking Up Perfect Fluency with Olivia the Pig!

Anna Sienkiewicz, Fishing for Fluency

Caroline Shea, Moving Into Fluency

Landry Foster, Don’t Be A Chicken, Fly High with Fluency!

Maggie Murchison, Fearless Fluency

Taylor Holman, Dancing for Fluency

Delaney O’Brien, Growing into GREAT Readers

Olivia James, I love my Fluency Shoes

Melanie Abbott, Kicking to Fluency

Kylie Witcher, Say Aloha to Fluency!

Mary Margaret Grammas, Freaky Fluency: Halloween Edition

Tayler Rose, Scoring with Fluency

Meleigha Kizer, Climbing the Ladder of Fluency

Caroline Kester, We “Pawsitively” Love Fluency

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading 

Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly 


IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization 

Emma Cook, Sailing into Summarization

Andie Attia, Swinging into Summarization

Emma Kirkpatrick, Storming into Summarization

Jennifer Ross, Coloring a Summary

Anna Mungenast, Saluting Summarization

Anna Pugh, Linking Up a Summary

Ashley Kirkland, Swimming into Summarization

Eliza Gaber, Splendid Summarizing with SpongeBob

Gracie Champion, Monkeying into Summaries

Mackenzie Skinner, Under the Sea of Summarization

Ellie Tschetter, Busy Bee’s Summarizing

Emme Levins, Reading is Cool

Abby Elsea, Splash on into Summarization!

Caitlin Williams, Reaching the Moon Reading and Summarizing

Kaleigh Coltrain, A Sloth’s Summarization

Jordan Westmoreland, Sharky Summarization

Rachel Allen, Swim Into Summar…ization

Hannah Pierce, Elevating Summarization with Elephants

Delaney O’Brien, Surfing into Spectacular Summarization

Emily Griffin, Bear-y Good Summarization

Anna Sienkiewicz, Soaring into Summarization

Caroline Shea, Whale, Let’s Summarize

Landry Foster, Green Sea Turtles and Bottlenose Dolphins? Oh, I Sea

Maggie Murchison, Spotted Summarization

Taylor Holman, Sliding into Summarization

Olivia James, Building a Bridge to Summarization

Melanie Abbott, Summarizing in the Sky

Kylie Witcher, Blast Off into Summarization

Mary Margaret Grammas, Swimming into Summarization

Tayler Rose, Summarization Swimming with Penguins

Meleigha Kizer, Swimming Towards Summarization

Caroline Kester, Summarization with Sloths

Lessons for teaching visualization 

Sophie Taylor, Swimming into Reading with Great White Sharks

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