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Lesson Designs Fall 2016

Lesson Designs Fall 2016

Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness

Elyssa Hicks, Digging in the Dirt for the Letter D
Anna Bahme, Dribble Down the Court with D
Meredith Gray, Peter Puts Peanut Butter on his Popping Popcorn
Maggie Fox, Dripping Water With P
Laura Anderson, Bouncing The Ball with B!
Kathryn Gilley, Bouncing a Ball with B
Liz Messina, Bouncing the Basketball With B
Jackie Hogan, Popping Popcorn with the Letter p
Emily Holliday, Pop the Popcorn with P
Sydney Hall, Rowing Through the Letter R
Rachel King, Banging the Big Drum with a B
Meredith Barker, Mmm, Yummy in my Tummy
Caroline Coleman, Beat a Drum with B
Erin Myler, Huffing Hounds With H
Lauren Muller, Poppin’ P’s
Paige Muller, Eat Your P’s
Rachael Conley, Talk Like a Pirate with Rrrrr
Morgan Tedder,  Silly, Slithering Snakes
Katie Smith, Learning About S with Sam the Snake

Susanna Fields, Running H-H-Hard with H
Mary Kate Smith, Cleaning Your Glasses with H
Amber Glass, Gulping Grape Soda with G

Kendyl Dennis, Silly, Silly Snakes
Delaney Stephens, Duck Goes Knocking
Ansley Christensen, The Slithering Snake Goes, “SSSS”
Sarah Hausler, Miss Mittens Says Meow
Tina DiChiara, Time is Ticking Away With T!
Brooke Scocos, Blow the Balloon with Ms. Brooke
Hunter Cossum, My Macaroni is Mmm Mmm Good!
Taylor Medlock, Yakking Away with Y
Kelly Kerr, Heartbeats With B
Chloe Harbison, Pop, Pop, Pop the Bubble with P
Haley Miller, M says /M/ Yummy in my Tummy
Anna Laws, Hairy Harrison Huffs and Puffs with H
Paula Anderson, Bouncing with B
Katherine Sturim, Molly and Mmmm Mmmm Good Chicken
Darby Hayes, Popping Popcorn with /p/
Sarah Johnson, The Slithery Snake with Letter S
Emily James, Talk Like a Pirate With R
Jarihope Coker, Alexander Alligator Says /a/ with the Letter A!
Kelsey Clark, Turning on the Sprinkler With T
Katie Jones, CHOO! CHOO! The Train Says CHOO with CH
Jenna Wilson, Slithering Snakes on a Safari With S
Katherine Johnson, D-D-Drum with D
Caroline Lentz, Puppies Say /h/ When They Are /h/-/h/-/h/-ot!
Mallory Haynes, Beating the Drum with B
Miranda Snider, Beat the Drums With B
Sami Moccia, Slimy, Slithery, Snake S

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Elyssa Hicks, Look, There is a Big, Icky Pig
Anna Bahme, Icky Sticky Slime
Kathryn Gilley, Lizzy the Icky Sticky Piggy
Laura Anderson, The Creaky Door Says Ehhhh!
Caroline Coleman, Icky Sticky Piggy

Ansley Christensen, The Crying Baby Goes, “Aaaaaaaa”
Lauren Muller, “Uhhh” my Tummy
Rachael Conley, Grunt Like a Caveman, uh, uh, uh!
Morgan Tedder, Crying Babies Say “Aaaa!”
Mary Kate Smith, Icky Sticky Bubblegum
Amber Glass, Say Ahhh! With O
Delaney Stephens, Bud the Caveman Says “Uhhh”

Sarah Hausler, Ehh? Speak up, I Can’t Hear You!
Susanna Fields, Oliver the Octopus Says “Ahhhhh”
Tina DiChiara, Ahhhhh Pooh Bear is Tired!
Hunter Cossum, Uhh I think U is Confused
Kelly Kerr, A Crying Baby Says aaaaa!
Meredith Barker, Caveman says “Uhh”
Chloe Harbison, The Icky Sticky Pig
Caroline Lentz, Icky, Icky, Icky!
Haley Miller, Icky, Sticky, Goopy Glue
Paula Anderson, Icky Sticky Glue
Katherine Sturim, Cry Baby Cry
Darby Hayes, The Confused Caveman Says ‘Uhhhh”
Sarah Johnson, Say Ah!
Jenna Wilson, Izzy’s Icky, Sticky Honey
Paige Muller, Yawning with Short O
Sami Moccia, A Crying Baby Says, “Aaaa!”

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Meredith Gray, Show me your wave for AY
Liz Messina, Grace Baked a Cake

Sydney Hall, Learning OO with Choo Choo
Erin Myler, Ace says “Ayyyy!”
Emily Holliday, Eeek! It’s a Creepy E!
Rachel King, Blake Bakes a Cake
Kendyl Dennis, Ay! Don’t Do That!
Brooke Scocos, Let’s Bake a Cake
Jackie Hogan, Let’s Bake a Cake (2)
Anna Laws, Jake and Kate Rake
Katie Smith, EEEEE! A Bee!
Emily James, Sneak Around With Jean
Jarihope Coker, I See a Bee!
Katie Jones, Woohoo!” Aubie says, “Woohoo!” When Auburn Scores a Goal
Kelsey Clark, Fly High, Long I
Katherine Johnson, EEK! It’s Halloween
Mallory Haynes, Ayy, Nice to Meet You!
Miranda Snyder, Ay! It’s Nice to See You!

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Taylor Medlock, Chomping Cheese with /ch/
Maggie Fox, Choo Choo to Learn Ch!

III. Growing Independence and Fluency 

Lessons for teaching faster reading with comprehension

Elyssa Hicks, Flying into Fluency
Anna Bahme, Adventuring with Reading Fluency
Hunter Cossum, Investigating Fluency
Meredith Gray, Hopping into Fluency
Laura Anderson, On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!
Kathryn Gilley, Fishy Fluency with Junie B. Jones
Sarah Hausler, Racing into Fluency
Liz Messina, Score With Fluency!
Sydney Hall, Fun with Fluency and Junie B.
Caroline Coleman, Racing to Reading Fluency
Erin Myler, Groovin’ With Fluency
Lauren Muller, Fluency to the Rescue!
Emily Holliday, If You Teach a Mouse Fluency
Kelly Kerr, Baking up Fluency
Rachel King, Monkeying Around with Fluency
Morgan Tedder, Score Big with Fluency
Mary Kate Smith, Riding Into Fluency with Junie B. Jones
Amber Glass, Monkeying Around with Fluency (2)
Kendyl Dennis, Running into Fluency
Delaney Stephens, Fluent Readers Rock!

Ansley Christensen, Soaring Towards Fluency
Susanna Fields, Sailing Towards Fluency
Maggie Fox, Fancy in Fluency with Pinkalicious!
Tina DiChiara, Rereading Your Way to Fluency!

Brooke Scocos, Flying into Fluency (2)
Taylor Medlock, Gaining Fluency with Ramona
Chloe Harbison, Bear Necessities For Fluency
Caroline Lentz, Fluency with Fido
Haley Miller, Fluency Party with Junie B. Jones
Jackie Hogan, Swimming into Fluency with Junie B.
Paula Anderson, The Magical World of Fluency
Katherine Sturim, Giddy Up with Reading
Katie Smith, Race to the Finish Line: Ready, Set, Read!
Darby Hayes, Flying Into Fluency
Sarah Johnson, Skipping into Fluency with Junie B. Jones
Emily James, Wagging Tails for Fluency
Jarihope Coker, Leaping Into Fluency!
Katie Jones, First Place Readers
Kelsey Clark, Fishing into Fluency
Jenna Wilson, Catching Onto Fluency With Kitten’s First Full Moon
Paige Muller, Curious About Fluency

Katherine Johnson, The Magic of Fluency
Mallory Haynes, Finding Fluency with Junie B
Miranda Snider, On Our Way to Fluency
Sami Moccia, Flying With Fluency!
Rachael Conley, Racing Through Reading Fluency

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading

Meredith Barker, Express Yourself

Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly

Anna Laws, Shush, Hush, Don’t Disturb Us!

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Sydney Hall, Swimming into Summarization
Sarah Hausler, Swimming Like Sharks Into Summarization
Mary Kate Smith, Bolting Into Summarization
Rachel King, Buzzing into Summarization
Kendyl Dennis, Leaping into Summarization
Tina DiChiara, Roaring Through Summarization!
Maggie Fox, Cheetahs Chasing Summaries
Ansley Christensen, Shrinking the Difficulty in Reading Comprehension

Delaney Stephens, Ready, Set, Summarize
Meredith Gray, Sliding into Summarization

Amber Glass, Summarizing with the Big Cats
Brooke Scocos, Cooling Down into Summarization
Hunter Cossum, Scratching Our Way to Summarization
Taylor Medlock, Having a Whale of a Good Time with Summarization
Emily Holliday, Diving into Summaries with the Emperor Penguin
Anna Bahme, Swimming with Summarization (2)
Kelly Kerr, The Key to Unlocking a Perfect Summary
Meredith Barker, Baby Bee’s Buzzing into Summarization
Liz Messina, Striking Summaries!
Chloe Harbison, Sippin’ and Summarizing
Caroline Lentz, Swimming into Summarization with Sharks
Haley Miller, Swimming with Summarization (3)
Kathryn Gilley, Summarizing in the Sea
Jackie Hogan, Buzzing into Summaries
Anna Laws, Swimming into Summarization (4)
Paula Anderson, Let’s Sea How to Summarize
Katherine Sturim, Trumpeting to Summarization
Morgan Tedder, Sweet Summarizers
Laura Anderson, Schools In For Summarization!
Katie Smith, Buzz into Summarization
Susanna Fields, Superstar Summarization
Caroline Coleman, Supreme Summarizers
Darby Hayes, Squirrelly Summarization!

Rachael Conley, Summarizing with Sea Turtles
Sarah Johnson, Waddling into Summarization
Emily James, Sun Bears Love to Summarize!
Jarihope Coker, Jumping Into Summarization!
Elyssa Hicks, Swinging Into Summarization
Katie Jones, Get the Chunk
Kelsey Clark, I Scream For Ice Cream and “Summer”ization
Jenna Wilson, Whoo! Whoo! Who Said Summarize?
Paige Muller, Summarizing With Skunks
Erin Myler, Summarizing Sloths
Katherine Johnson, How ‘Whale’ Can You Summarize?
Lauren Muller, “Killer” Reading Instincts-Summarization
Mallory Haynes, Snoozing with Summarization
Miranda Snider, Summarization With Polar Bears!
Sami Moccia, Summarization Stars
Susanna Fields, Superstar Summarization
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