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Lesson Designs Fall 2017

Lesson Designs Fall 2017

I. Emergent Literacy 

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

Bruce Murray, Brush Your Teeth with F
Kassidy McCullough, A Slithering Snake Says Ssss… with S (/s/ sound)
Sally Kale Bussman, Poppin’ Bubbles with P
Hannah Burke, Let’s get Crackin’ with K
Maggie McCullough, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. That was Yummy! Learning M with Miss Maggie
Meredith Worley, Making Marvelous Muffins with M
Najla Vance, Learning Letter L with Little Ladybug
Maggie Barry, Count the Ticks the Clock Makes with /t/
Katie Clark, Baking Blueberry Bread with Betsy Bloom
Kallie Basden, Billy the Busy Bee
Elizabeth Bennett, Bounce the Ball with B
Sarah Allaway, Snake Slide with S: Learning the Phoneme /s/
Haley Kantor, G-g-g-g Gulp It Down
Adrienne Hill, Pop Goes the Popcorn
Morganne Cieslak, Mountains of M’s
Ashton Baker, Popping Like Popcorn with P
Erin Korn, Clicking Camera with C
Jaima Griffith, Tick Tock With T
Ashton Wells, Slithering Into S
Leslie Daniel, Buzzing Around with Z
Lauren Miley, Bounce the Ball with B
Ashton Barnes, Slithering Snakes with S
Haley Lushington, Do the Sprinkler with D
Avery Greer, Dog Tired with H
Jessie Floyd, Hiss Like a Snake with S
Caitlin Brown, Digging the Dirt with D
Emma Ayers, Vroom goes the Motorcycle with V
Madeline Langley, Bouncing the Basketball
Kelly Jones, Zig Zag Z
Madison Keith, Quack Like a Duck with Q!
Julie Clark, Bouncing the Ball with a B!
Kelsey Williams, Playing the Kazoo with the Letter Z
Jenna Walzer, Pack a Party Picnic with P
Carley Prichard, Monkeys Making Magic Muffins
Rebecca Harrell, Clacking the Horseshoe
Katherine Mack, Victoria Vacuums Vehicles
Raven Hunter, P-P-Popping Bubbles
Sara Smith, Popping Popcorn with P
Jayme Moorer, Brushing Your Teeth With F

Lauren Henson, Buzzing Bumblebees Begin with B
Maggie Neal, Danny the Dinosaur Dances with D
Virginia O’Reilly, Ride a Roller Coaster with R
Bridgett Davis, Turn the Helicopter Blades with W
Molly Cranston, Bouncy B’s

Jennifer Adwell, Dangers, Dinosaurs, and the Letter D
Rebekah Kennedy, Beating the Drum with B
Mary Lee Livingston, Bounce the Basketball with B!
Sarah Ray, Pop Goes the Popcorn (2)
Courtney Walker, The Slithering S
Mary Madison Foshee, Zipping Zippers
Katie Wickes, Muffin Madness
Anna Pruitt, Groove Goat with G
Haylee Runyan, Monkeys on the Moon
Mary-Cathryn Parker, Munching Muffins with /M/
Sara Purvis, Making Milkshakes with Molly
Wynne Pietrantoni, The Time Tully Lost a Tooth
Ariel Lavish, Tammy’s Tiny Turtle
Taylor Panther, Meals that Make Me “Mmm”
Gabrielle Endacott, Puff Up Like a Peacock With P
Tess von Gal, Wiggle With Willy the Wandering Worm
Sarah Kowal, Learning S with Sally Snake
Kendall Peel, The Bug Bumbles by with B
Madison Huckaby, Millie Mooed and Mooed for More Milk
Katie Brown, Making Muffins with M
Cristina Perez, “D” with Ditzy Dino’s
Ellie Mulvaney, Owls H-H-Hooting
Elizabeth Callaway, Vikings Voyage with V
Joy Boldt, Cars b-b-beeping
Sarah Kathryn Richardson, The Flying Fox
Kathryn Foy, Miss Foy’s Blue Bouncy Bunny Design

II. Beginning Reading 

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels 

Sally Kale Bussman, Uhhhh, I Don’t Know!

Maggie McCullough, Uhh, Let me Think! Learning U
Maggie Barry, Uhhh–A Caveman’s Favorite Expression
Lauren Miley, Uhhh, I Don’t Know
Ashton Barnes, Icky Sticky Letter I
Haley Lushington, Open the Door with E
Madeline Langley, Show Me Your Teeth… Say “Ahh!”
Madison Keith, AAAA!! Ghost! It’s Halloween!
Kallie Basden, Icky Sticky I

Ashton Baker, Icky Sticky Drippy /i/

Sarah Allaway, Crying Baby says “Aaaa”
Haley Kantor, Uuuhhh What?

Morganne Cieslak, Ehhh What’s Up, Short e?

Katherine Mack, Oliver the Yawning Octopus
Jayme Moorer, Icky Sticky Syrup
Lauren Henson, Doc Says, “Open Wide and say Ahhh!”
Maggie Neal, “Uhh” Can You Say That Again?
Katie Clark, The Icky Sticky Piggy
Molly Cranston, Ugly Uhhs
Raven Hunter, Icky, Drippy, Sticky Ice Cream
Sarah Ray, Icky, Icky, Icky this Bubblegum is Sticky!
Mary Madison Foshee, Icky Sticky I
Katie Wickes, The Icky Sticky Drink

Anna Pruitt, The Icky Iguana

Mary-Cathryn Parker, Iggie the Iguana’s Icky Sticky Insects

Sara Purvis, Icky, Sticky, Lollipops
Wynne Pietrantoni, Doctor says: ahhh!

Ariel Lavish, Olivia Says /o/ at the Doctor

Taylor Panther, Rob the Dog Is a Slob

Gabrielle Endacott, Ehhh Says the Grandma

Tess von Gal, Icky, Sticky Slime!
Sarah Kowal, “Aaaaa” Goes the Crying Baby
Kendall Peel, Sticky Icky Glue

Madison Huckaby, Say Ahhh for the Doctor

Katie Brown, Icky Sticky Skittles

Elizabeth Callaway, Icky Iguana

Joy Boldt, Bob the Doc

Sarah Kathryn Richardson, Dog Named Spot

Kathryn Foy, Miss Foy’s Icky Piggy Design

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels 

Kassidy McCullough, Caaaaakkkeee!
Rebecca Harrell, The Long A Nay Nay, Ayyyy
Hannah Burke, The Bride says, “I Do!”
Meredith Worley, Say, Lets Make Cake!
Erin Korn, Let’s Bake A Cake!

Jenna Walzer, Weeee, Slides Are Fun!
Jaima Griffith, “AYYYY” with /A/
Ashton Wells, Long A with Mr. Pirate
Leslie Daniel, 
Arr, Ahoy Matey! Learn /ar/ with Pirate Arlo
Avery Greer, Yay for /A/!
Caitlin Brown, Bake a Cake with Jake
Emma Ayers, Hey, Let’s Go to Outer Space!
Jessie Floyd, Hey! Let’s Shake!

Kelly Jones, Play with -AY
Julie Clark, It Smells Like Pie!
Kelsey Williams, Gus Says “BOOM!” When Auburn Scores a Touchdown
Carley Prichard, The Bike Is Twice the Price

Najla Vance, Sticky Slick Slime

Sara Smith, Tweet Tweet

Jessie Floyd, Let’s Shake
Virginia O’Reilly, Aye Go Canada!

Bridgett Davis, ‘A’, Matey!
Jennifer Adwell, Ay, There! It’s Our Friend, A!

Rebekah Kennedy, Ow, That Hurts!

Mary Lee Livingston, It’s a Great Day!

Courtney Walker, I See Now!
Haylee Runyan, Rocking with E

Ellie Mulvaney, Say Yaaay for A

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Cristina Perez, SHH it’s time to Learn SH

III. Growing Independence and Fluency 

Lessons for teaching faster reading with comprehension

Kassidy McCullough, Growing Independent Like a Tree and Racing Towards Fluency!

Sally Kale Bussman, If You Teach a Mouse Fluency…

Hannah Burke, Falling into Fluency
Erin Korn, Running Into Fluency
Meredith Worley, Finish Line Race to Fluency
Lauren Henson, I Can’t “Bear” to Read Without Fluency
Jessie Floyd, Finding Food for Friendly Squirrels with Fluency
Jaima Griffith, Fishing for Fast Fluency
Ashton Wells, A Fluency Lesson from Dinosaurs
Leslie Daniel, Fired Up for Fluency

Lauren Miley, Hungry for Fluency
Ashton Barnes, Reading Up to Speed
Haley Lushington, Charging into Fluency

Avery Greer, You MUDGE Read Fluently!
Caitlin Brown, First, Fluency!
Emma Ayers, Fluency Can Be So Easy It’s like Magic!
Madeline Langley, Dancing into Fluency
Sarah Ray, 3, 2,1… Read!

Maggie Barry, Flying With Fluency
Kelly Jones, Leaping into Fluency
Madison Keith, Read with Speed!
Julie Clark, Fall into Fluency
Kelsey Williams, It’s a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Without Fluency
Jenna Walzer, Driving Towards Fluency
Najla Vance, Giddy Up for Fluency

Kallie Basden, Fishing for Fluency (2)
Ashton Baker, Figuring out Fluency with Charlie the Dog

Sarah Allaway: Party with Fluency with Junie B. Jones
Rebecca Harrell, Having a Field Day with Fluency

Haley Kantor, Speedy Reading Like a Cheetah!

Morganne Cieslak, Making Muffins with Fluency

Katherine Mack, Fishing for Fluency (3)
Sara Smith, Riding Into Fluency
Jayme Moorer, Fall-ing into Fluency
Maggie Neal, Begging for Fluency
Katie Clark, Wagging Through Fluency With Charlie
Emma Ayers, Fluency, Reading Can Be So Easy It’s Like Magic!
Virginia O’Reilly, Hop into Fluency!​
Raven Hunter, Fast and Fluent Wins the Race
Bridgett Davis, Pedaling for Fluency
Molly Cranston, Making Friends with Fluency
Jennifer Adwell, Growing Into Fluency
Rebekah Kennedy, Floating to Fluency
Mary Lee Livingston, Falling into Fluency (4)
Sarah Ray, 3, 2, 1 . . . Read!
Courtney Walker, Oh, the Books You’ll Read!

Mary Madison Foshee, Playing With Fluency

Katie Wickes, Ride Into Reading

Anna Pruitt, Singing and Dancing Our Way Through Fluency

Haylee Runyan, Wild About Fluency

Mary-Cathryn Parker, Cruising Into Fluency with Cars

Sara Purvis, Scoring with Fluency

Wynne Pietrantoni, Hop into Fluency

Ariel Lavish, Fluency with Pirates!

Taylor Panther, Fast, Fearless Fluency

Gabrielle Endacott, Flying Fluently Into Charlotte’s Web

Tess von Gal, Fabulous Fluency!

Sarah Kowal, Flying High with Fluency

Kendall Peel, Flying Fun for Fluency

Madison Huckaby, Read, Read, Read to Succeed

Katie Brown, Pancake Flipping Fluency

Cristina Perez, Fun with Fluency

Ellie Mulvaney, Jumping into Fluency

Elizabeth Callaway, Flying Fluently Into Space

Joy Boldt, Fancy Fluency

Sarah Kathryn Richardson, Driving to School for Fluency

Kathryn Foy, Miss Foy’s Fast and Furious Design 

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading

Maggie McCullough, Smooth Like Fluency!

Carley Prichard, Feeling Fluency with Junie B. Jones

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Carley Prichard, Stung with Summarization
Avery Greer, 
You OTTER Know How to Summarize!
Kassidy McCullough, Swimmerizing the Tale of a Big Whale
Caitlin Brown, Stomping into Summarization
Hannah Burke, Great White Summarize
Sarah Allaway, “Hey Google, What is Summarization?”
Jessie Floyd, Summarizing with Slow, Silly Sloths

Meredith Worley, Swimming Straight into Summarization
Maggie McCullough, Sweet Summarizing with About-Point!
Jenna Walzer, Savvy Summarizing
Sarah Ray, Searching for Summarization
Ashton Baker, Learning to Balance Summaries

Julie Clark, Time to Sum It Up!
Kelly Jones, The Aquarium of Summarization

Jaima Griffith, Pulling it All Together

Kallie Basden, Swimming in Summarization
Rebecca Harrell, So to Sum It Up
Haley Lushington, Roaring into Reading
Haley Kantor, How Whale Can you Summarize?

Maggie Barry, Swimming with Sea Turtles Through Summarization

Morganne Cieslak, Summarization Is Out of This World!
Ashton Wells, The Power to Summarize

Katherine Mack, Sliding into Summarization

Najla Vance, Submarine Summarization
Sally Kale Bussman, Brushing Our Teeth for Summarization!
Erin Korn, Summarization Superstars!

Sara Smith, Stormy Summaries
Jayme Moorer, Soaring into Summarization
Madison Keith, Summarization Nation!
Ashton Barnes, Smooth Sailing into Summarization
Lauren Henson, Stop, Drop, and Summarize
Maggie Neal, Bearable Summarization
Katie Clark, Swimming Like Marlins Into Summarization
Emma Ayers, Soaring into Learning from Reading!

Raven Hunter, Gaining Words of Wisdom
Lauren Miley, Working Out Summarization Skills
Bridgett Davis, Watch Me Summarize, Watch Me Aye Aye
Molly Cranston, Summarizing with the Switch to Gray

Jennifer Adwell, Stripes and Summarization
Mary Madison Foshee, Running into Summarization
Virginia O’Reilly, Bee Bright with Summarization

Rebekah Kennedy, Super Summarizers

Mary Lee Livingston, Stepping into Summarization

Sarah Ray, Searching for Summarization

Courtney Walker, Digging in and Summarizing
Katie Wickes, Summarizing Under the Sea
Anna Pruitt, Waddling into Summarization
Haylee Runyan, Swimming with Summarization

Mary-Cathryn Parker, Floating through Space Towards Summarization

Sara Purvis, Summarization Swimming with Penguins

Wynne Pietrantoni, Spot on Summarization

Ariel Lavish, Sleeping into Summarization

Taylor Panther, Let’s Sum It Up!

Gabrielle Endacott, Summarizing as Swift as a Swan

Tess von Gal, Ssssummarizing Snakes!

Sarah Kowal, Summarizing with Sea Turtles

Kendall Peel, Summarizing in the Sea

Madison Huckaby, Buzzing to Summarize

Katie Brown, Sprinting into Summarization

Cristina Perez, What’s that you say?

Ellie Mulvaney, Slithering into Summarization

Elizabeth Callaway, Summarizing Who was George Washington

Joy Boldt, Summarization Station

Sarah Kathryn Richardson, Hopping into Summarization

Kathryn Foy, Miss Foy’s Shining Summaries Design

Lessons for teaching visualization

Kelsey Williams, Losing our “Mayan”-ds (minds) About Reading!

Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions

Leslie Daniel, Read, Think, and Question, Baby! That’s My Strategy

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