Bruce Murray, College of Education The Reading Genie



Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers

Auburn University

Fall 2020

I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness and letter recognition

O’Neill, Samantha, Z Zips Up the Alphabet!

Anna Bolton, Tick, Tick, Tick Goes the Clock

Kellie Vosteen, Buzzing Bee Z

Connor Campbell, Shave with the Letter V

Kaylyn Bugg, Kicking K

Mary Clai Chase, Ticking T

Abby Kaye Jones, Hear the Tick Tocks of the Clock with T

Kendall McKone, Munching with M!

Lindsey Oberkirch, Monster Mash with Max

Regan Weakley, Gulping Your Glass with G

Cassidy Ray, Crying Baby A

Kelly Alaimo, H Is Hhhhhhot! Drop Your Slice!

Jordyn Maggio, Huh I’m Cold

Kathryn Stubblefield, Making Yummy Muffins with M

Meredith Bodie, Dan the Dino Stomps

Abbigail Willis, Hiking Uphill with H!

Martha Wright Haley, Let’s Catch Some Zzzz’s with Z!

Rachel Vickers, Buzz Like a Bee With Z

Anna Palmer, Saying Snake Sounds with S

Alli Shaddix, Popping Polly’s Popcorn with P

Natalie Buckles, Seven Silly Seahorses

Mollie Sullivan, Miss Mollie Makes “mmm”

Hannah Shaw, Let’s Learn /l/ with Lightsabers!

Mary Gayle Mitchell, Hurling Hoops with H

Emma Billingsley, Make it Rain with Letter P

Barkley, Madison, Swimming with Silly Snakes

Hannah Everage, Singing La-La-La to Learn L

Grace Riddle, Bouncing a Basketball with B

Callie Moore, Mama’s Making Macaroni with M

Emma-Ruth Boles, Hopping for H

Megan Rivers, Gargling Water With G

Emma Talbot, Popping Popcorn with P!

Beth Buckelew, Bees Buzzing with B

Logan Smith, Popping Popcorn with P

AC Palmer, Slithering like a Snake with S

Morgan Steele, Clicking your Camera with C

Katie Foy, Tommy the Tiny Tapper

Emily Anne Beauchaine, Pop Popcorn with P

Hannah Tarwater, Pop the Popcorn with P!

Kim Hammond, Pop N’ Lock Puffin

Andrea Meyer, Smile with S

Abby Thomas, Sizzle the Sausages with S!

Millie Herndon, K is the Key

Elly Curtis, Tick Tock Goes the Ticking Timer T

Savannah Searels, Silly Salamander Sings Songs

Myia Hatchett, Popping Popcorn with P

Cassidy Stephens, Zipping Down a Zipline with Z

Madeline Rigdon, Popping with P

Libby McKee, Lots of Little Lions Lapping Lemonade

Casen Young, Bounce the Ball with the Letter B

Anna Reeves, Hop, Skip, Jump, and Run!

MacKenzie Day, Stir the Soup with S

Ashley Smith, P Purrs Perfectly!

Jessica Lunsford, Hank the Hot Dog Pants with H!

Kate Winsness, Passing With Pals

Ashtyn Croley, Bouncing for /b/

Emma Rizzi, Buzzing Around with B

Logan Bergeron, /d/ Goes the D in Drum!

Eva Brandon, C is for Cowboy

Maggie Boles, Heartbeats with /b/

Kaitlyn Cantavespre, Tapping with T

Caroline Bibbee, Jumping for J

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Anna Bolton, “Waaaa” Says Anna

Kendall McKone, Creepy, Creaky E!

Abby Kaye Jones, Oh, I Sure Am Tired!

Regan Weakley, It’s Hard to Hear You!

Kelly Alaimo, Aaaaa, Run!

Abbigail Willis, Aaaa! That’s Scary!

Rachel Vickers, Icky It’s So Sticky

Alli Shaddix, Is Iggy Sticky?

Hannah Shaw, Icky Sticky

Mary Gayle Mitchell, BAAAAA Goes the sheep

Hannah Everage, Singing Ahh

Callie Moore, Aaaaa! There’s a Rat in My Hat!

Megan Rivers, UHHH…What Did You Say?

AC Palmer, Aaaa, You Scared Me!

Morgan Steele, “Aaaaaa” Cries the Baby

Katie Foy, Molly the Odd Girl

Emily Anne Beauchaine, The Dentist Makes You Say “Ahh!”

Kim Hammond, Uhhhhhhh, Duh…

Abby Thomas, “Uhhh, Can You Help Me?”

Elly Curtis, The Frog Likes to Hop!

Savannah Searels, Uhh, Wait a second!

Casen Young, Aaaa, Time for Bed!

Kate Winsness, Icky Sticky Ice Cream

Ashtyn Croley, Bouncing for /b/

Emma Rizzi, The Crying Baby says “aaa”

Eva Brandon, Caroline the Cat

Maggie Boles, Aaaa! How Exciting!

Kaitlyn Cantavespre, Tapping with T


Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Samantha O’Neill, Seek and Find When ee Says /E/

Mary Clai Chase, Let Me Hear You Say Ayye!

Kellie Vosteen, OI, I Squeal for Joy!

Lindsey Oberkirch, Evie the Bat Says Eek

Cassidy Ray, Eek! It is E!

Jordyn Maggio, Icky Icky It’s Too Sticky

Kaylyn Bugg, Spooky Double O

Kathryn Stubblefield, BEEP BEEP! Here I Come!

Meredith Bodie, The Excited E Says “eek”!

Martha Wright Haley, Let’s Bake a Cake With Jane and Jake

Anna Palmer, The Buzzword is Bee!

Natalie Buckles, Wave with Abe

Mollie Sullivan, Oh! Joe Wants a Bone!

Emma Billingsley, Bake a Cake with Kate

Barkley, Madison, OI OI OI Says the Seal

Grace Riddle, Ow! That Hurt Me

Emma-Ruth Boles, Oy Vey!

Emma Talbot, Solve a CASE with your MATE

Logan Smith, The Fonz Says “A”

Hannah Tarwater, Aye Aye Captain!

Andrea Meyer, Ay, What’s Up Doc?

Connor Campbell, Cute Mute Mules for /U/

Millie Herndon, OO, Try Not to Drool

Myia Hatchett, I Want Ice Cream!

Cassidy Stephens, Painting the A

Madeline Rigdon, BEEP BEEP

Libby McKee, Ew: It Sounds Like U!

Anna Reeves, The Flea and the Bee say “EEEE”

MacKenzie Day, /E/ Bees That Need Sleep

Ashley Smith, Let’s go “Eeee!” on the Rollercoaster!

Jessica Lunsford, I Love You!

Ashtyn Croley, Hi, Mike!

Logan Bergeron, Aye, Aye, Let’s Give Long I a Try!

Kaitlyn Cantavespre, There was a Fake Snake in the Lake

Caroline Bibbee, We Learn About E


Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Beth Buckelew, Chugging Down the Tracks with Choo Choo Train


III. Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching automatic word recognition for faster reading with comprehension

Samantha O’Neill, Hi, Fly Reader

Mary Clai Chase, Racing for Fluency

Kendall McKone, Hop Aboard the Fluency Bus!

Lindsey Oberkirch, Smelling with Fluency

Abby Kaye Jones, Becoming a Fluent Fish

Kellie Vosteen, Ms. Frizzle’s Field Trips to Fluent Reading

Regan Weakley, Falling into Fluency

Cassidy Ray, A Scoop of Fluency with Frog and Toad

Kelly Alaimo, Fishing for Fluency!

Jordyn Maggio, Fluent With Junie B. Jones

Kaylyn Bugg, Flourishing Fluency

Kathryn Stubblefield, Flat Stanley and Fluent Reading

Meredith Bodie, Falling for Fluency

Abbigail Willis, Baking for Fluency

Martha Wright Haley, Fluency with Frogs

Rachel Vickers, If You Give a Mouse Some Fluency

Anna Palmer, Let’s Have Fun with Fluency and Junie B. Jones!

Hannah Shaw, Fluency with Ms. Frizz!

Natalie Buckles, Dancing with Fluency

Mollie Sullivan, Fluency with Junie B

Alli Shaddix, Fight for Fluency

Mary Gayle Mitchell, Flying into Fluency

Emma Billingsley, Hi, Fluency Guy!

Barkley, Madison, Being Mad about Fluency

Hannah Everage, Hunting for Fluency

Grace Riddle, If you give a Mouse a Fluency

Callie Moore, Fishing for Fluency

Emma-Ruth Boles, Swimming into Fluent Reading

Megan Rivers, Funky Fluency

Emma Talbot, Swimming for Fluency

Beth Buckelew, Flying into Fluency

Logan Smith, A Fluency Vacation with Jack and Annie

AC Palmer, Hungry for Fluency

Morgan Steele, Dancing with Fluency

Katie Foy, Move into Fluency

Emily Anne Beauchaine, If You Give A Mouse Some Fluency!

Hannah Tarwater, Curious About Fluency

Kim Hammond, Junie B Finds Fluency

Andrea Meyer, Flippin’ for Fluency

Connor Campbell, Growing Powerful Readers with Pumpkins

Abby Thomas, Fun with Fluency!

Millie Herndon, Getting Fancy with Fluency

Elly Curtis, Flying into Fluency

Savannah Searels, Fishing for Fluency

Myia Hatchett, Fluency with Pete the Cat

Cassidy Stephens, Moving Fluency with Muffins and a Moose

Madeline Rigdon, If You Teach a Student Reading Fluency

Libby McKee, Sounds of Sentences

Casen Young, Partying with Fluency

Anna Reeves, F is for Fluency, O is for Olivia

MacKenzie Day, Fluency Frenzy

Ashley Smith, Read Fluently Like a Fastball!

Jessica Lunsford, Hitting a Homerun with Fluency!

Kate Winsness, Flying Fast into Fluency

Ashtyn Croley, Waddling into Fluency

Emma Rizzi, Charlotte Spins for Fluency

Logan Bergeron, We “Willy” Want to be Fluent Readers!

Eva Brandon, Reading with Ramona

Maggie Boles, Learning Fluency with Junie B.!

Kaitlyn Cantavespre, Exercising with Fluent Reading

Caroline Bibbee, Flying into Fluency

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Bruce Murray, Using About-Point to Awaken the Main Idea

Kelly Alaimo, Swimming and Summarizing

Jordyn Maggio, Surfing Into Summarization

Cassidy Ray, Sliding into Summarization

Mary Clai Chase, Super Summarizer

Meredith Bodie, Swimming into Summarization with Sea Mammals

Anna Bolton, Roaring into Summarization

Lindsey Oberkirch, Shipwrecked with Summarization

Kaylyn Bugg, Smelly Summarization

Abbigail Willis, Soaking Up Summarization

Martha Wright Haley, Summarizing with Sea Lions 

Abby Kaye Jones, Scaly Summarization

Rachel Vickers, Sailing Into Summarization

Anna Palmer, Summarizing with an Arctic Fox

Hannah Shaw, Let Summarize with Felines!

Regan Weakley, The Wonders of Summarization

Natalie Buckles, Slithering into Summarization

Mollie Sullivan, Summarizing Sea Lions

Alli Shaddix, Get in Shape with Summarization

Kathryn Stubblefield, Sharks and Summarization

Mary Gayle Mitchell, Shaking up Summarizations

Emma Billingsley, Summarizing Through the Stars

Barkley, Madison, Eating Through Summarization

Hannah Everage, Summarizing with Sloths

Grace Riddle, Swim with Summarization

Callie Moore, Summarizing in the Sea

Emma-Ruth Boles, Reading is Cool as Ice!

Emma Talbot, Reading to Learn

Beth Buckelew, Swimming into Summarization

Logan Smith, Summarizing: As Easy As Breathing

Kendall McKone, Chillin’ with Summarization

AC Palmer, Summarizing with Stripes

Morgan Steele, Summarizing with Sharks

Katie Foy, Let’s Summarize the Leopard!

Emily Anne Beauchaine, Surprise! Let’s Summarize!

Hannah Tarwater, Getting the Eyes to Summarize!

Kim Hammond, Simply Summarizing!

Andrea Meyer, Swimming in Summarization

Connor Campbell, Singing into Summarization

Abby Thomas, Skating through Summarization

Millie Herndon, Scampering Through Summarization

Megan Rivers, Bees Buzzing Into Summaries

Elly Curtis, Splashing and Swimming into Summarization

Savannah Searels, Swingin’ into Summarization

Myia Hatchett, Summarizing with Sloths

Cassidy Stephens, Sailing into Summarization

Madeline Rigdon, Reading Comprehension Round-Up

Libby McKee, Swimming in Summarization

Casen Young, Slipping and Sliding into Summarization

Anna Reeves, Rosie Revere Remembers Reading

MacKenzie Day, Waddling into Summarization

Ashley Smith, The Fabled Summary

Jessica Lunsford, The Importance of Summarization!

Kate Winsness, Swim into Summarization

Ashtyn, Croley, Swimming into Summarization

Emma Rizzi, Swimming into Summarization

Logan Bergeron, Sunrise, Sunset! Summarize and Don’t Forget!

Eva Brandon, Summarizing with Sharks

Maggie Boles, Storming into Summarization!

Kaitlyn Cantavespre, Summarizing is Cool

Caroline Bibbee, Practicing About-Point with Pandas!


Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions

Samantha O’Neill, Questioning Seaweed Solutions

Kellie Vosteen, Comprehending History through Question Generation

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