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CRITICAL READING: Nothing But the Truth.

Everywhere we look, but especially on the web, we find emotionally charged language and opinion masquerading as fact, often written by people with little knowledge of their topics but with a strong desire to persuade.  We hope readers will learn to strip away emotional language, sort facts from opinions, examine the qualifications and motives of writers, and finally consider whether the evidence warrants believing a claim as “nothing but the truth.”

Start here by reading excerpts from Avi’s Nothing But the Truth.

Go here to learn how to translate emotionally loaded words into neutral language.

Go here to learn how to separate fact from opinion–and from false claims and untested claims.

Go here to learn how to weigh the motives and qualifications of a writer.

Go here to learn how to evaluate a claim and to recognize faulty arguments.

Last modified: January 5, 2018