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Sources of Curriculum Materials to Stimulate Growth in Phonological Awareness

The following materials are from reputable reading researchers:

Phonological Awareness Training for Reading, by Joseph Torgesen & Brian Bryant.  PRO-ED Publishing, 8700 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin TX 78757-6897, (512) 451-3246.  $129 kit.  This program is suitable for small group instruction and requires minimal teacher training to use.  Two research studies show its effectiveness in stimulating phonological awareness in at-risk children.

DaisyQuest and Daisy’s Castle, by Gina Erickson, Kelly Foster, David Foster, & Joseph Torgesen.  PRO-ED (see address above).  $49 each, $89 both.  Also available from MacConnection, 14 Mill Street, Marlow NH 03456, (800) 800-2222 for $35 each.  These computer programs require a Macintosh computer as a platform.  Several research studies have shown their effectiveness in stimulating phonological awareness in young children from preschool through first grade. New: DaisyQuest is now available as an iPad app for only $3, and it’s better than ever!

Phonemic Awareness in Young Children:  A Classroom Curriculum, by Adams, Foorman, Lundberg & Beeler.  Brooks Publishing Co., P.O. Box 10624, Baltimore MD 21285-0624, (800) 638-3775, $22.95.  This is a carefully sequenced series of activities that will stimulate phonological awareness in 15-20 minutes of teacher-led activities each day.  It is most appropriate for kindergarten children, but could also be used with at-risk children in first grade.  It is an excellent program with careful instructions for teachers to follow.

The following materials may also be useful:

Sound Start:  Teaching Phonological Awareness in the Classroom, by Orna Lenchner & Blanche Podhajski.  Stern Center for Language, 20 Allen Brook Lane, Williston VT 05495, (800) 544-4863.  $95 manual, materials, and video.  This is an excellent program that offers a variety of game-like activities to be taught in a prescribed sequence.  It starts with rhyme activities and ends with the activities involving letter sounds and simple reading and spelling tasks.   The kit comes with a set of picture cards and other materials to be used in the games, and it also includes a video tape that demonstrates some of the activities.

Sounds Abound, by Hugh Catts & Tina Vartiainen.  LinguiSystems, 3100 4th Ave., East Moline IL 61244, (800) 776-4332.  $34.95 manual, $37.50 game.  This spiral bound notebook contains numerous activities that a kindergarten teacher can use to stimulate phonological awareness in young children.  It is not a systematic curriculum, but a set of instructional activities.  The Sounds Abound Game with a game board and question cards provides opportunities for children to practice skills in sound comparison, blending, deletion, and segmenting in small groups.

The Phonological Awareness Kit, by Carolyn Robertson & Wanda Salter.  LinguiSystems (see address above).  $69.95.  Activities to stimulate phonological awareness and transition to early decoding skills.

Auditory Discrimination in Depth, by Patricia Lindamood & Charles Lindamood.  PRO-ED (see address above).  $329 kit.  Powerful program for stimulation of phonological awareness and transition into decoding written language.  Requires special teacher training for maximal effectiveness.

The Waterford Early Reading Program, Level I.  Waterford Institute, 2500 N University Ave Suite 200, Provo UT 84604, (800) 669-4533, relatively expensive.  A complete kindergarten computer-based program that stimulates phonological awareness, teaches letter names and sounds and builds print awareness.  Very high quality and comprehensive.  Activities for the entire school year.

Launch into Reading Success Through Phonological Awareness Training, by Lorna Bennett .  Creative Curriculum Inc 456 Moberly Rd, Vancouver BC V5Z 4L7, (604) 876-6682.  $90 manual, pictures, game boards.  This is a comprehensive set of activities to stimulate phonological awareness from beginning stages through letter sound activities.  In addition, it contains a set of activities to help children become more aware of the way their mouths work to produce different consonant phonemes.

Earobics®, by Jan Wasowicz. Cognitive Concepts, Inc., 990 Grove Street, Suite 300, Evanston, IL 60201. Phone (888) 328-8199 or (847) 328-8099.  With over 300 levels of instruction, this CD Rom based software provides comprehensive training in “auditory processing,” phonological awareness, phonics and spoken language processing.  Earobics Step 1 is for developmental age 4-7, Earobics Step 2 is for developmental ages 7-10, and Earobics 1 for Adolescents and Adults is for older struggling readers.  The Home versions are $59 and Specialist/Clinician versions are $299; both run on PC or MAC.

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Last modified: January 8, 2018