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Could Your Child Use a Boost in Reading during Summer 2020?

UPDATE: I have heard from several teachers who would be willing to take on remote tutoring clients. These tutors will be applying their own ideas and methods and not presenting our tutoring program. They will also be charging a fee for their tutoring services. I will list their names, qualifications, and contact information below, and parents are welcome to contact them about arrangements.

Kathleen Lavallee. Bachelor’s Degree (Samford University) in Special Education Pre-K to 8th grade and Elementary Education K-6th. Master’s Degree (Mississippi College) in Dyslexia Therapy. 1st grade teacher 2 years; Resource Special Education Teacher 1 year. 8 years experience in remote tutoring. 256-690-8947 (call or text).

Dr. Brooke Anthony. Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Master of Science degree in Reading Education, Specialist in Education degree in Elementary Education, and Doctorate of Philosophy in Reading Education. Classroom teacher in elementary and middle school for 10 years, Reading Specialist for 2 years, Assistant Principal for 12 years and Adjunct College Professor in the Reading and Curriculum and Instruction Department.

Janice Canty is a seasoned, experienced writing coach and English tutor for a local community college.  She is available also to assist students with reading comprehension and vocabulary.  She can connect with students via Zoom conferences and/or face-to-face at the local library.  Hourly sessions will be designed to fit the specific needs of each student at reasonable rates. Teacher, Writing Coach, English Tutor.

Ann Geiger, M.Ed, Reading Interventionist with Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy, Masters as a Reading Interventionist. 17 years of experience, 9 years working at LAVCA.

The Kumon Math and Reading Center might be another possibility:

We have made final decisions on placements for Summer Reading Tutoring. The response was overwhelming: We had some 1700 applicants for 12 tutoring slots. I began screening the applications Saturday, and finalists have been selected. If you did not get an e-mail about Summer Reading Tutoring Sunday with a followup questionnaire, your child is not an active candidate at this time. However, if some of the finalists cannot obtain the required computer equipment and develop the required computer “savvy,” I may contact a few more parents with the second questionnaire.

It is not impossible that our normal tutoring program in the Auburn City Schools will be replaced by remote tutoring during fall semester. If so, I will initiate a new invitation to apply for tutoring, with a new on-line application. My sincere thanks to the 1700 concerned parents who applied for the program.

Previous information: Face-to-face tutoring in the AU Summer Reading Tutoring program has been canceled for Summer 2020 because all instruction will be remote to allow social distancing. HOWEVER, parents who can arrange remote tutoring are encouraged to apply for tutoring without tuition or fees. To qualify, parents will need a laptop computer with a webcam, an internet connection, and either a document camera or a flexible holder for a smart phone so that the phone camera can look down on student work. Parents are encouraged to obtain plastic lowercase letter tiles for lesson activities. A printer would be helpful for reproducing other materials sent by e-mail. 

The Auburn University Reading Center offers individualized Summer Reading Tutoring during June and July for children who are not yet reading accurately and fluently. Summer 2019 will be the 22nd year for the program. Tutoring will be arranged individually by remote instruction. The program begins Monday, June 8, and concludes Monday, July 20 (except Wednesday, June 24).

The Early Childhood Education program will bring a group of tutors to the program this summer. That means we will have special opportunities for primary-grade children to get extra help in reading his summer.


Summer Reading Tutoring is designed for children struggling with decoding, fluency, or comprehension. It is not an enrichment program for fluent readers or an English program for speakers of other languages. We expect all participants to improve their decoding ability, reading fluency, comprehension, and enjoyment of reading through participation in the Summer Reading Tutoring. Dr. Bruce Murray, associate professor of Reading Education, supervises instruction.


The Summer Reading Program features individually designed lessons with explicit instruction in decoding, fluency, and comprehension as well as plenty of meaningful reading and writing. Tutors monitor progress closely during each session and assess reading during the first and last sessions to measure reading gains. After the program, tutors compose a report for parents about each child’s current progress in reading, with recommendations for each student.


One parent wrote, “I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your reading program. It is probably the best reading program I have ever experienced! I am a former first grade teacher and always looking for different ideas to share with my own children. I love the idea of your program being so individualized. I feel like every child was ‘coached’ on his/her ability level and not just grade level.”


Summer Reading Tutoring features twelve 45-minute tutorial sessions. The cost of the complete program is normally $80.00, but tuition and fees are waived this summer. Priority will be given to children experiencing reading difficulties who have completed kindergarten through second grade and who have had difficulties in learning to read accurately and fluently. Priority will be given to children who can attend the entire 12-session program. Interested parents or caretakers may follow the link below for an application form, or call (334) 844-6934, or write to Dr. Bruce Murray, Summer Reading Program, 5040 Haley Center, Auburn University AL 36849. 


Special note to parents: Summer Reading Tutoring is NOT the commercial program sold by and advertised under the logo of the Office of Professional and Continuing Education at Auburn University. Furthermore, the “$30 discount coupon” applies only to their commercial program, and it is not valid for tuition to Auburn University Summer Tutoring.

Parents looking for enrichment this summer and for productive reading and language practice might consider having their children participate in voluntary reading and discussion activities at the Auburn Public Library this summer. See for some of the exciting activities they have planned. Summer Reading Tutoring is not a language or reading enrichment program; it is designed for children who have struggled in learning to read.

Dr. Bruce Murray
5040 Haley Center
Auburn AL 36849

Office: 334/844-6934
Cell: 334/524-2476

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