Club History

The club was founded in 1992 by a group of determined young Auburn students.  One of the founders Wayne Partridge, wrote this describing the early years of the club.

“I transferred to Auburn from Florida State
University in the spring of 1992, and I found out that there
was no rowing club at Auburn. I had rowed at the new club
at Florida State, and I didn’t want to give up rowing at Auburn. During spring break, I put together the paperwork (club sports application, wrote the constitution) and made up a bunch of fliers and plastered them around campus. We had our first meeting the week after spring break, and almost 100 people showed up; I was expecting only about 20 or so, and the room at Haley Center was packed. We were lucky that Dr. Michael Kamen, who had rowed recreationally, agreed to be our sponsor, and we were fortunate to have Brent Gravelle, an exercise
science doctoral candidate who had rowed in Canada,
to be our coach. Our first race was a scrimmage in summer 1992 at Florida State. Their lake had room only for a 1,000 meter course, but we raced all day in different combinations. We lost all the races except for the mixed 8, but it was a good first-race experience for everyone.”

The photo above is from the first Auburn race in the summer of 1992.