How do our clients feel about us?

Spring 2021 Semester Client Satisfaction Survey
Selected Questions from the 31-Item Client Satisfaction Survey Rating Scale: Strongly Agree-4 Agree-3 Disagree-2 Strongly Disagree-1
  1. I experienced improvement in the condition or problems for which I sought services. 3.58
  2. My counselor helped me develop better ways of coping with my concerns. 3.54
  3. I am satisfied overall with my own growth as a result of counseling services. 3.54
  4. I would recommend SCPS to a friend. 3.83
  5. I regard SCPS as a necessary part of the university. 3.91
  6. By coming to counseling, I am better able to function academically. 3.43
Written comments from Student Counseling & Psychological Services clients: The SCPS and my counselor have helped me completely change my life. SCPS has been integral to my time here at Auburn. I have seen 2 different counselors and they are both amazing and very professional. I recommend SCPS to friends and classmates every chance I get. SCPS has been extremely helpful and necessary for me to get through the semester. I am still working on some issues, but I know that continuing with SCPS will help me. I’m very thankful this is a service provided by AU. I thought coming to counseling meant something was really wrong with me but SCPS makes me feel comfortable and welcomed, and normal. You guys quite literally saved my life. Thank you for what you do. At first I thought I could beat depression myself, but coming here was the best decision I could have made. Student counseling has been nothing but fantastic for me. As a student from a financially strapped family, I love that this service is complementary. I wouldn’t be able to use it otherwise. The counseling center is an invaluable resource to Auburn University. I would not have made it through graduate school without coming. I honestly do NOT know what I would do without SCPS. Coming here has helped in more ways then I would have thought possible. I have accomplished more here than any other counseling provider! Meeting with a counselor has greatly improved my daily life. Previously, I was barely capable of even completing day-to-day tasks. I am much happier overall. I wish that more students sought out SCPS as I think mental health is vitally important. I want the stigma of counseling to go away so people can realize SCPS is there to help not to judge. Being counseled has made me a more self-aware and secure person. I am happy to have finally made strides toward understanding why I do the things I do, and identifying reasons to change. It has been pleasant to have the opportunity to explore these feelings in a secure and supportive environment.