Ruth Lockhart,   East Alabama QuilterMrs. Ruth Lockhart (shown right) has been quilting since age 16, when she was forced to quit school after sixth grade in order to help support her family. She began quilting with her mother in Waverly, Alabama and has since created over 50 quilts. Each quilt is unique and varies from patterns such as her popular strip patterns. Mrs. Lockhart’s favorite place to quilt is her bed. She says that she would often sit for hours totally immersed in her art. Due to health-related reasons, Mrs. Lockhart is unable to quilt for more than 15 minutes at a time; however, her passion and talent is still evident in all of her work, old and new. This year Mrs. Lockhart has created three new strip quilts, constructed entirely from scrap fabric around her home. She is a living example of the true spirit and meaning of art.

Mary Lois Ross, East Alabama QuilterMrs. Mary Lois Ross (shown left) is a woman of stunning tradition. This dedication displays itself in her quilts both in spirit and composition. Some of her quilt patterns are the product of three generations of quilters. The spirited demeanor she radiates is apparent in her quilts, which range from stunning intricacy to beautiful simplicity.

Mamie Saxton, East Alabama QuilterMrs. Mamie Saxton (shown right) of Auburn, Alabama has made more than 40 quilts throughout her lifetime. Although her passion for quilting reemerged after her retirement, she began at the age of thirteen. A very gracious woman, Mrs. Saxton shares her comfortable home with her companion “Cat” (the cat). Mrs. Saxton’s quilts reflect her personality and lifestyle as they favor simplicity over extravagancy. She is an enviable woman who seems to grasp the true essence of quilting.