What does it take to be a MENTALLY TOUGH TIGER?

The term, “mental toughness, ” gets used often to describe performers in elite-level competitive environments, such as athletics, business, or the performing arts. But as an Auburn student, you are called upon to perform with a lot on the line yourself. Your performance in classes, studying, and taking exams matters because your time here is setting up your future, and your future is important! Thus, here are suggestions on how you can be a MENTALLY TOUGH TIGER.
First, recognize that every day you are performing. Taking a test is a performance. Studying is a performance. Giving a presentation in class is a performance. Thus, it is important to get into a performance mindset, which requires that you be mentally tough. But what is mental toughness? A definition that the staff at SCS finds useful is that mental toughness is a consistent effort in remaining determined, focused, confident, resilient, and in control under pressure. A mindset is a set of assumptions that an individual continuously adopts due to the incentive to do well. Obviously, a college degree is a powerful incentive, so there is motivation to develop a consistent set of methods that you can use to approach your academic tasks. But what mindsets most promote mental toughness?
? Active over Passive: Attempt to gain control over the things you can, and avoid letting the things you cannot control have a negative impact on you.
? Proactive over Reactive: Prevent the fire rather than waiting until it blazes to put it out. That is, at the first sign of trouble, increase your efforts to rectify the problem rather than put it off.
? Process over Outcome: Focus on personal improvement over the attainment of outcomes. Strive to be a better student and to understand your class material for its own sake, rather than doing the bare minimum just to get the grades you wanted.
? Present-focus over Predominately Past- or Future-focus: Complete one task at a time. Learn from past mistakes and make plans for the future, but avoid spending too much time thinking about opportunities that have already passed or those that may or may not happen later.
? Growth over Fixed Outcome: View setbacks in your performances as opportunities to learn and improve. Believing that you are not smart enough to make it in college gives you no room for improvement, so it is best to avoid making an absolute judgment such as this one.
Thus, assume that you will perform at your best if you remain active, proactive, process-oriented, present-focused, and growth-seeking in your approach to tests, classes, projects, presentations, and study sessions. Practice consistently from these mindsets to become a MENTALLY TOUGH TIGER!