Auburn University Student Counseling & Psychological Services (SCPS)

Overview of Weekly Schedule

At a glance

The first two weeks of internship will be primarily focused on orientation. Interns will be trained on Student Counseling & Psychological Services policies and procedures and welcomed into the agency with activities like a potluck and scavenger hunt. Time will be permitted for interns to settle into their offices and new environment with schedules gradually filling. The full schedule will look akin to the example below:

Individual counseling: 11-12 hours
Group counseling: 1.5 hours
Supervision of practicum student: 1 hour
Drop-in/Emergency coverage: 4.5 hours
Intakes: 2 hours (four – 30 minute Intakes)
Optional Rotation: 2-3 hours (Rotation options of Diversity, Group, Eating Concerns, Outreach, and Academics/Research)

Individual Supervision: 2 hours
Group Supervision: .5 (in supervision w/group co-leader)
Individual Supervision with rotation supervisor :1 hour (biweekly)
Seminars: 3-4 hours
Intern Support Meeting: 1 hour
Clinical Staffing Meetings: 2 hours (1 hour twice a week)
Professional Development Meetings: as Staff weekly (Case Consultation, Group, Practicum Training, & Outreach)

Staff Meeting: 1 hour
Tape review of practicum supervisee: 1 hour
Administration time: 5 hours (paperwork, tape review of own sessions, client follow-up tasks)


Seminars template

(Supervision of Supervision-year long; Diversity-year long; Assessment- 4-6 hours; Outreach-2-3 hours starting during orientation; Ethical and Legal Issues-5 hours starting during orientation; Crisis Intervention and Risk Management-6 hours during orientation; Groups-4-5 weeks starting in orientation; Case Presentation; Career and Job Search-4 weeks; Specific topical areas of Substance Use/Abuse, Trauma, Eating Disorders)

Time for research may also be possible. This time might be used to work on completing the dissertation or work on a project with a Student Counseling and Psychological Services professional staff member or another approved professional. Depending on dissertation progress, some of the optional rotation time may be asked by the Training Director to go toward dissertation work.