Practicum Training

For over 25 years, Student Counseling & Psychological Services (SCPS) has had an active practicum training program at Auburn University.

About the program

Most Student Counseling & Psychological Services (SCPS) Graduate Practicum Clinicians are students in either Auburn University’s Counseling Psychology or Clinical Psychology doctoral programs. SCPS is a captured practicum site for second year doctoral graduate students in the Counseling Psychology program. More advanced Counseling Psychology graduate students can also return to SCPS to complete advanced practica dependent on their academic and clinical training and development. Student Counseling & Psychological Services has a longstanding arrangement with the Clinical Psychology program and typically accepts one Graduate Practicum Clinician each year.  More recently,  SCPS has also begun accepting selected MSW graduate students from Auburn University’s Master of Social Work Program in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work.

The focus

The primary focus of the practicum training experience is on individual counseling, so the majority of practicum hours are devoted to that clinical service. Opportunities for conducting intake appointments, co-leading therapy groups, and making outreach presentations are also available for those Graduate Practicum Clinician with appropriate education and training. Psychological assessment instruments may be incorporated as part of providing comprehensive clinical services. Certain psychological assessment experiences such as the Executive Function Screening (EFS) are limited based on past assessment training and experience of the Graduate Practicum Clinician.

Student Counseling & Psychological Services

Joeleen Cooper-Bhatia, Ph.D,
Practicum Coordinator