What is it?  Safe Zone is an interactive, 4-hour training designed to help Auburn work toward its goal of creating a safe space for all its Auburn family. It is designed specifically to educate faculty, staff, and students about ways to create a safe space for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (GLBTQQ) students. At present the training is facilitated by Dr. Brandy Smith, psychologist and Diversity Coordinator with Student Counseling Services.

Who Can Complete the Training?  Any AU faculty, staff, or student is eligible to complete the training.

What Do People Say About the Program?  People who complete the training consistently provide positive feedback and say they found it informative as well as engaging. Because it is interactive and involves a variety of activities, the total time does not feel cumbersome. If you have questions about Safe Zone training, feel free to contact Brandy Smith at bls0020@auburn.edu.

When Is the Training Offered?  The training is offered multiple times a year through Human Resources Development (HRD), but trainings can be requested by departments, clubs, or organizations on campus.

NOTE:  The training can also be broken down into two 2-hour blocks of time if needed. We have received feedback that it can be challenging to block off a complete 4-hour block of time are  willing   to work with you and your group to make this training work with your schedule.

When’s the Next Training?  To find out when the next Safe Zone training is offered through HRD, check out the HRD website. The program is usually offered once each semester, including Summer.

How to Request a Training:  To request a training for your specific office or group, contact Dr. Brandy Smith at bls0020@auburn.edu to coordinate it.