Recent Staff Accomplishments

This section highlights the professional activities that the SCS staff voluntarily engage in outside of their job responsibilities and time commitments at the counseling center. All SCS staff are required to meet a minimum standard of professional development that includes acquiring and maintaining licensure, participation in continuing education, and attendance at professional conferences. This level of professional development allows the SCS staff to provide exceptional care for Auburn University students.

The professional activities described in Recent Staff Accomplishments show a level of responsibility, commitment, and expertise that exceeds the minimum standard of professional development. It is evidence of the passion that the SCS staff bring to their careers and work with Auburn University students.

The Oxford Handbook of Sport andPerformance

Dr. Joeleen Cooper-Bhatia and former SCS practicum students Erin Crozier, Lauren David, and Maggie Davis co-presented at the 2016 American Group Psychotherapy Association’s Annual Meeting in New York City. Their presentation was entitled “Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Strategies and Resources for Suicide Assessment in Group Therapy.”

Dr. Brandy Smith and Dr. Katie Werner co-presented at the 2016 Auburn University Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices Conference. Their presentation was entitled “Safe Zones, Safe Spaces: Understanding the Tapestry of Gender Identity and Inclusiveness.”

Dr. Doug Hankes was named a Fellow of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, or AASP, an international professional organization that promotes the field of sport and exercise psychology. The Fellow honor is given to AASP members who have made significant contributions to academic and professional practice knowledge in the fields of sport and exercise psychology. He was inducted at the 2015 AASP Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

Dr. Brandy Smith authored a blog for the American Psychological Association’s Public Interest Directorate (May, 2015) entitled “Challenging Sizism: Health and Weight Don’t Always Equate.

Dr. Brandy Smith and former SCS practicum student Emily Kerzin co-presented at the 2015 National Multicultural Conference and Summit in Atlanta, GA. Their poster was entitled “Let’s Finally Talk About It: Size Discrimination and Related Assumptions, Biases, Misinformation, and Stereotypes.”

Dr. Doug Hankes and colleagues, Dr. Patrick Baille, JD (Calgary, Canada), Dr. Nicki Moore (University of Oklahoma), and Mary Wilfert (NCAA) presented at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin, TX. Their presentation was titled “Competitive Advantage: Mental Health in Athletics.”

Staff Psychologist Dr. Dustin Johnson and colleagues (Matthew Atkins, Erica Force and Trent Petrie) co-authored, “Peers, Parents, and Coaches, Oh My! The Relation of the Motivational Climate to Boys’ Intention to Continue in Sport.” It was published in the journal, Psychology of Sport and Psychology, Vol 16(3), March, 2015, pp.170-180.

Dr. Doug Hankes and colleagues, Dr. Jack Watson (West Virginia University) and Dr. Patrick Baillie, JD, (Calgary, Canada), presented at the 11th Annual 2015 Big Sky Sport Psychology Retreat: Student-Athlete Psychological Issues. Their 4-hour seminar was titled, “The Ethical Issues Involved with the Care of the Collegiate and Elite Athletes.”

Dr. Doug Hankes was part of an Invited Panel at the 2014 Association for Applied Sport Psychology conference in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Hankes and his colleagues Chris Carr, Ph.D., HSPP, Sport & Performance Psychologist- St. Vincent Sports Performance; Ian Connole, Ph.D., CC-AASP, Director of Sport Psychology- Kansas State University Athletics; Angela M. Fifer, Ph.D., CC-AASP, Performance Enhancement Instructor-United States Military Academy; Carmen Tebbe Priebe, Ph.D., Associate Director of Student Life/Director of Psychological Resources for Oklahoma University Student-Athletes; and Brent Walker, Ph.D., Associate Athletics Director for Championship Performance-Columbia University panel presentation was titled, “Toward a Comprehensive Sport Psychology Service Delivery in NCAA Athletic Departments: A Moderated Panel Discussion.”

At the March 2014 Atlanta Counseling Psychology Conference, Dr. Brandy Smith and graduate student Emily Kerzin co-presented a workshop for continuing education credit entitled “Multicultural Supervision: What Is It and How Do You Do It?” Dr. Smith also facilitated a roundtable discussion topic of LGBT People and Identity Concerns entitled “Diverse Discussions: Hosted Multicultural Roundtable Topics in Counseling Psychology.” The roundtable discussion was organized with former Auburn University student Dr. Thomandra Sam and current AU graduate student Sadi Fox.

Dr. Doug Hankes was the invited guest lecturer at the University of West Alabama for the university’s Student-Athlete Mental Health Awareness Symposium. His presentations were titled, “Collegiate Student-Athlete Mental Health: Current Trends” and “Life Ain’t a Race: A Case Presentation of Conflicting Interests.”

Dr. Joeleen Cooper, Chair, and colleagues, Eri Bentley (Utah State University) and Leann Terry Diederich (Penn State University), presented at the 2014 American Group Psychotherapy Association. Their presentation was titled, “Trainee Development through Co-Leadership” and built on a presentation by the same name at the 2013 American Group Psychotherapy Association conference.

Dr. Brandy Smith presented at the 2013 Alabama State NIRSA (National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association) Conference, December 2013. Dr. Smith’s presentation was entitled “Creating an Appropriately Safe Space for GLBTQQ Patrons.”

Dr. Doug Hankes, Director of Student Counseling Services, and colleagues Mary Jo Loughran and Ed Etzel had a chapter published in Ed Etzel and Jack Watson’s (Eds.) (2014). Ethical Issues in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology titled “Ethical Issues in Work With Collegiate Student-Athletes.”

Staff Psychologist Dr. Dustin Johnson and colleagues recently co-authored “’Do I Still Want to Play?’ Parents and Peers Influence on Girls’ Continuation in Sport.” The article was published in the Journal of Sport Behavior, Vol 36(4), Dec, 2013, pp. 329-345.

Dr. Doug Hankes has been selected for membership in the U.S. Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry for the 2013-2016 quadrennium. The USOC Sport Psychology Registry is a roster of sport psychology and mental training specialists who serve as resources for the National Governing Bodies of Olympic, Paralympic and Pan American Sports.

Dr. Doug Hankes has been appointed to the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Certification Review Committee. The AASP consultant certification (CC-AASP) process signifies the highest standard of education and training in the psychological aspects of sport science.

Dr. Doug Hankes and colleagues, Dr. Bradley Hack (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) and Dr. Patrick Baillie, JD, (Calgary, Canada), presented at the 2013 Big Sky Sport Psychology Retreat: Student Athlete Psychological Issues. Their 4-hour workshop was titled, “The Ethical Issues Involved with the Care of the Collegiate and Elite Athletes.”

Dr. Kristee Treadwell will serve as liaison for the Association for the Coordination of Counseling Center Clinical Services (ACCCCS) at the 2013 American College Personnel Association (ACPA). Dr. Treadwell will present an Annual Report on behalf of ACCCCS.

Dr. Joeleen Cooper and colleagues, Eri Bentley (Utah State University) and Leann Terry Diederich (Penn State University), presented at the 2013 American Group Psychotherapy Association. Their presentation was titled, “Trainee Development through Co-Leadership.

Dr. Doug Hankes was an invitee to the 2013 NCAA Life Skills and Sport Psychology meeting in Charlotte, NC. The meeting allowed licensed psychologists that work primarily with student-athletes as clients to interact with NCAA staff, NCAA Life Skills staff members, and NFL Directors of Player Engagement to address mental health/psychological health issues.

Dr. Brandy Smith co-presented with Dr. Shakeer Abdullah (Director of the Auburn University Multicultural Center) at the 2012 ALAHEDO (Alabama Association of Higher Education Diversity Officers) Conference in November. Their presentation and round table discussion was entitled “Experiences and Directions from Co-Facilitating Safe Zone Training on Working with LBGTQ students.”

At the recent 2012 American Psychological Convention in Orlando, FL, Dr. Doug Hankes joined colleagues Mark Aoyagi, Ph.D., University of Denver, Jennifer Carter, Ph.D., Center for Balanced Living, Columbus, OH, and Rick McGuire, Ph.D., University of Missouri to provide a Student Speed Mentoring Session. The session was promoted as an opportunity to “Meet with four distinguished professionals in a personal setting to discuss sport and exercise psychology and ask questions about education, professional development, and more.”

Dr. Doug Hankes, Director of Student Counseling Services recently had a chapter published in Shane Murphy’s (Ed.) (2012) The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology titled: “Sport and Performance Psychology: Ethical Issues.” The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology includes the latest research and applied perspectives from leaders in the field of sport and performance psychology. Current and comprehensive, this foundational volume presents sport and performance psychology from myriad perspectives.

Dr. Doug Hankes was recently interviewed for an article in the Mind+Body section of Runner’s World. The article, “No Doubts,” focused on how runners can overcome intimidation caused by first races, hard courses, fast runners, and other fears.

Senior Staff Clinician Ann Marie DelSignore and colleagues recently co-authored Critical Incidents and Assistance-Seeking Behaviors of White Mental Health Practitioners: A Transtheoretical Framework for Understanding Multicultural Counseling Competency.” The article was published in Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, Vol 16(3), Jul, 2010. pp. 352-361.

A Student Athletes Guide to College Success


Dr. Doug Hankes, Director of Student Counseling Services, has been elected to the Executive Committee of APA’s (American Psychological Association) Division 47 (Exercise and Sport Psychology). Division 47 seeks to further the clinical, educational, and scientific foundations of exercise and sport psychology. He will serve a 3-year term as Secretary-Treasurer.

Dr. Doug Hankes recently coauthored with Dr. Trent Petrie the 3rd Edition of “A Student-Athlete’s Guide to College Success: Peak Performance in Class and Life.” Published by Wadsworth, the 2010 release focuses on the unique challenges that student-athletes face in college and assists them in achieving success in the classroom, field, and life.


Doug Hankes Contributor
Performance Psychology in ActionDr. Doug Hankes
had chapters in two books published: “Adolescent Performers and the Family System” in Kate Hay’s (Ed.) (2009) Performance Psychology in Action: A Casebook for Working With Athletes and Performing Artists, Business Leaders, and Professionals in High-Risk Occupations and “Consultation in Intercollegiate Athletics” in Ed Etzel’s (Ed.) (2009) Counseling and Psychological Services for College Student-Athletes


Dr. Doug Hankes made a presentation at the 117th Annual 2009 Convention of the American Psychological Association in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Hankes’ presentation titled “Consultant and System: A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery…..” was part of a workshop chaired by Kate Hays, “Performance Psychology in Action: Working with Athletes, Performing Artists, and Business Leaders.”