SFWS Seminar: Forestry and Wood Science

February 26, 2014 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
SFWS Building, Room 1223
602 Duncan Drive
Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36832
Brian Via


Title: Growing trees, making products, and maintaining quality: How what we do in the forest changes the products we produce.5

Abstract: Changes in siliviculture, genetics, and other forestry practices has changed the wood that makes it to the mills where we process them into products. At the same time, new products have been created to utilize younger and smaller raw materials. The disconnect between those growing the forest and those who develop and produce products from it has led to some unique challenges including changes in standard products such as lumber and plywood. Communication and understanding of some of the fundamentals of both forestry and wood science is out only chance to correct problems that we all agree have occurred.

** Refreshments will be served and CFEs are available.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. David Jones: When you think of items made out of wood, you probably think of things like furniture, doors and flooring. But even products such as toothpaste, imitation vanilla extract and food additives can contain wood.

Forest products are an integral part of our lives, and no one knows this more than David Jones, associate professor and forest products Extension specialist.

As the only forest products Extension specialist in the state, Jones performs a multitude of outreach and instruction, working with foresters, companies and the public.

Jones conducts wood science-based research, focusing on factors such as wood quality as it relates to tree growth and rapid assessment techniques of wood properties.

In addition, Jones helps put on the Wood Magic Science Fair, where about 4,000 fourth-graders from across the state visit campus to learn about the importance of wood in their lives.

Jones also teaches several classes such as wood anatomy and lumber manufacturing, and co-wrote the only published introductory forest products textbook.

In recognition of his leadership in the field, Jones was sent to the Lead21 program, where he graduated in 2013. Lead21′s purpose is to develop leaders within land-grant universities and the U.S. Department of Agriculture through a yearlong course focusing on the unique challenges in the land-grant system and better understanding of one’s on personal weaknesses and strengths as a leader.

Jones received his bachelor’s degree from Clemson University, master’s degree from Stephen F. Austin University and doctorate from the University of Georgia.

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