McNabb, Ken

Ken McNabb, Professor

SFWS 2349 | (334) 844-1044 |
BS, Southern Illinois University, 1971, Forestry; MS, Southern Illinois University, 1973, Silviculture; PhD, University of Florida, 1985, Tree Physiology.
Mosley Environmental Professor and Extension Specialist.  Executive Secretary of the Mosley Environmental Program, SFWS International Programs Coordinator.  Expertise in (a) outreach methodologies and administration, (b) international education (c) plantation establishment, (d) nurseries, and (e) international forestry.
Technical Background: Seedling quality and nursery operations, silvicultural herbicides, plantation establishment, the sustainability of intensively managed tropical plantations.  Twelve years combined experience in Brazil and Pakistan.  Several international consultancies.
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Beldini, T.P., K.L. McNabb, B.G. Lockaby, F.G. Sanchez, and O. Navegantes-Cancio.2010The effect of Amazonian Eucalyptus plantations on soil aggregates and organic matter density fractions.Soil Use and Management 26:53-60.
McNabb, K. and C. VanderSchaaf.2005Growth of graded sweetgum 3 years after root and shoot pruning.New Forests 29:313-320.

Teaching Responsibilities:

Senior/graduate level class on International Forestry

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