Forest Biology and Ecology


Research in forest biology and ecology in the SFWS is diverse and addresses many of today’s most critical issues including global climate change, carbon sequestration, forest health, urban sprawl, water availability, air pollution, biodiversity and many others. Studies are often performed in collaboration with other disciplines such as wildlife biology and socioeconomics as well as with other universities and federal agencies. Key project foci include global climate and carbon modeling, longleaf pine ecosystem restoration, forest pathology and entomology, seedling production, environmental health, wetland ecology, and urban impacts on water quality and hydrology.

Our research program is internationally recognized and our faculty are invited participants in many national and international research projects and serve on national research panels and in other key advisory roles. Outputs from our research are published in the highest caliber journals including Science and have influenced national policy and actions on major forest-related issues. Similarly, M.S. and PhD students in our program often receive awards and recognition at national conferences, graduate with several refereed journal articles to their credit, and have little difficulty in locating desirable employment.

Current Research

Center for Environmental Studies at the Urban-Rural Interface (CESURI)

Center for Longleaf Pine Ecosystems

Ecosystem Dynamics and Global Ecology (EDGE) Laboratory

Forest Health Cooperative

Wetland and Riparian Ecology Lab

Trees of Alabama and the Southeast


Christopher Anderson

Art Chappelka

Lori Eckhardt

Latif Kalin

Graeme Lockaby

Susan Pan

Lisa Samuelson

Hanqin Tian

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