Spring 2016 Seminars

SFWS Seminars

SFWS Seminar Series is held Wednesdays from 11 am - 12 pm; refreshments provided and CFEs are available. Held in room 1101 unless noted with asterisk (*) - those will be in room 1221. Print a PDF version of the schedule.

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  • Jan 20: John Lehrter, US EPA’s Gulf Breeze Lab, Pensacola, FL
    Nutrient Enhanced Coastal Acidification and Hypoxia

  • Jan 27: Michelle D. Prysby, Virginia Master Naturalist Program; Dept. of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation;Virginia Tech
    Engaging the public in natural resource conservation: A decade of the Virginia Master Naturalist program

  • Feb 3: RichVlosky, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center/Forest Products Development Center
    Wood Energy: A Game Changer in the Global Forest Products Industry

  • Feb. 10: Hui Wan, Dept. Sustainable Bioproducts, Mississippi State University
    Developing strategies to improve OSB quality while maintaining cost

  • Feb. 17: Jacek Siry, Center for Forest Business & Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, Univ. of Ga.
    Sustainability. Forestry. Economics.

  • *Feb. 24: Zhaofei “Joseph” Fan, SFWS
    Using GPS-mapped data to study the effect of landscape structure and management activities on the spread of Chinese tallow along the Gulf of Mexico coastal region

  • Mar. 2: Krista A. Capps, University of Georgia, Odum School of Ecology & Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
    The functional role of consumers in ecosystems: the conservation implications of managing organisms to preserve ecosystem function

  • Mar. 9: Daowei Zhang, SFWS
    Money for Signatures or Signatures for Money: An Empirical Analysis of the 2007 Tree Act

  • Mar. 16: Spring Break, No seminar will be offered.

  • *Mar. 23: Zachary Farris, Virginia Tech, Department of Fish & Wildlife Conservation
    Poaching, exotics, and fragmentation: Investigating the factors influencing Madagascar’s endemic fauna across the Masoala-Makira landscape

  • Mar. 30: SFWS Advisory Board Meeting, No seminar will be offered.

  • April 6: Navideh Noori, SFWS
    Macroepidemiology of poliomyelitis throughout the world

  • April 13: Graeme Lockaby, SFWS
    Influence of Forest to Urban Conversion on Incidence of West Nile Virus near Atlanta
Forestry and Football: Game-day continuing education series at Weagle Woods

 ** All Gameday seminars take place in Weagle Woods, 3 hours prior to kickoff

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