Fall 2013 seminars

SFWS Seminars

SFWS Seminar Series is held Wednesdays from 11 am - 12 pm; refreshments provided and CFEs available.

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Sept. 4: Tim Albritton; Natural Resource Conservation Service Alabama, Department of Agriculture

"Farm Bill Programs: Opportunities for Conservation on Forestland"


Sept. 11: Dr. Jiri Hulcr; University of Florida

"The ambrosia symbiosis: insect incest, symbiont infidelity, and the uncertain future of american trees"


Sept 18: Dr. Damian Adams; University of Florida

"Public Preferences for Forest-based Water Quality Protection Programs: Application of a Best-Worst Choice Approach"


Sept. 25: Dr. Shibu Jose; University of Missouri

"Cogongrass invasion of the southeastern forests: Impacts on resource availability, species diversity  and productivity"


Oct. 2: Dr. Andrew "Sandy" Liebhold; US Forest Service

"Forest Insect and Disease Invasions in the US: How Are They Getting Here and What Can be Done About it?"


Oct. 9: Dr. Todd Steury; SFWS

"Understanding and dealing with collinearity in the natural resource sciences"


Oct. 16: Dr. Conor McGowan; SFWS and US Geological Survey

"Modeling for recovery: a simulation based approach for establishing recovery criteria"


Oct. 23: Dr. Phil Steele; Mississippi State University

"Progress in Production and Upgrading of Bio-oil at Mississippi State University"


Oct. 30: Dr. Robert Teskey; University of Georgia

"How will loblolly pine growth be affected by climate change? "


Nov. 6: Rasika Ramesh; SFWS

"Making the best of an inconvenient situation: importance of drought information to guide amphibian management"


Nov. 13: Dr. Gary Keever; AU Dept. of Horticulture

"The Toomer’s Oaks Poisoning: A Rivalry Gone Awry"



Forestry and Football: Game-day continuing education series at Weagle Woods

 ** All Gameday seminars take place in Weagle Woods, 3 hours prior to kickoff

August 31 –

Dr Jim Shepard, Welcome to Weagle Woods

Dr. John Kush and Dr. Becky Barlow

Title: Forest management for Alabama’s future

Synopsis: An introduction to how responsible management of Alabama’s natural resources is a central part of the mission of Auburn University’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. A brief walking tour of the site will highlight the stands ongoing management and restoration.


September 7 –

Dr. Jim Armstrong

Title: The wildland urban interface

Synopsis: Backyards and small properties can be managed to attract wildlife, but unexpected sightings or interactions with wildlife like coyotes and can cause concern. This session will explore human and wildlife interactions in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). 

September 14 –

Dr. Nancy Loewenstein

Title: Kudzu, privet, mimosa … oh my!

Synopsis: A hands-on introduction to invasive plant identification and control, including a short plant walk and demonstration of control techniques. Kudzu bugs will also be a topic of discussion.


 October 12 – Homecoming (All interested SFWS)

October 26 -


Dr. Mark D. Smith and Dana K. Johnson (USDA-Wildlife Services)


Title:  BBQ anyone?  Best Management Practices for Controlling Feral Hogs


Stop by the Weagle Woods Tent at the corner of Lem Morrison and Donahue Drive 3 hours before kickoff for tips, tactics, and strategies for removing feral hogs from your property.



November 16 - John Gilbert: mapping, GPS and GIS


November 30 - Bob Gitzen: bats/small mammals.


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