Faculty by Name

Janaki Alavalapati
Dean, Professor of Forestry Economics
Office: 3301Phone:334-844-1004
Brenda Allen
Assistant Professor, Urban Forestry
Office: 4325Phone:334-844-1066
Chris Anderson
Associate Professor, Wetland Ecology
Office: 4409Phone:334-844-1033
Jim Armstrong
Professor, Wildlife Biology
Office: 3331Phone:334-844-9233
Becky Barlow
Associate Professor, Forestry Economics
Office: 3327Phone:334-844-1019
Art Chappelka
Alumni Professor, Air Pollution and Urban Forestry
Office: 4329Phone:334-844-1047
Stephen Ditchkoff
William R & Fay Ireland Distinguished Professor, Wildlife Ecology, Management, and Nutrition
Office: 2339Phone:334-844-9240
Li Dong
Assistant Research Professor, Climate Modeling
Office: 4339Phone:334-844-1036
Lori Eckhardt
Associate Professor, Forest Pathology
Office: 2335Phone:334-844-2720
Scott Enebak
Assc. Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor, Plant Pathology
Office: 3301Phone:334-844-1028
Joseph Fan
Associate Professor, Forest Ecology and Statistics
Office: 3219Phone:334-844-1014
Tom Gallagher
Associate Professor, Forest Engineering
Office: 3425Phone:334-844-1095
Robert Gitzen
Assistant Professor, Wildlife Biology and Conservation
Office: 2337Phone:334-844-1051
Barry Grand
Professor, Wildlife Management
Office: 3236Phone:334-844-
William Gulsby
Assistant Professor, Wildlife Habitat
Office: 2331Phone:334-844-
Richard Hall
Instructor, Forestry Finance
Office: 3227Phone:334-844-8081
Latif Kalin
Associate Professor, Hydrology
Office: 4335Phone:334-844-4671
Jodie Kenney
Director of Student Services
Office: 2221Phone:334-844-1050
Chris Lepczyk
Associate Professor, Wildlife Biology and Conservation
Office: 2341 Phone:334-844-9254
Graeme Lockaby
Associate Dean of Research, McClure Professor, Forest Biochemistry and Environmental Health
Office: Phone:334-844-
Edward Loewenstein
Associate Professor, Forestry Silviculture
Office: 3211Phone:334-844-1069
Joel Martin
Director, Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center
Office: SDFECPhone:334-222-7779
Conor McGowan
Associate Research Professor, Wildlife Biology and Conservation
Office:3236 Phone:334-844-9231
Wayde Morse
Associate Professor, Natural Resource Sociology
Office: 3229Phone:334-844-8086
Susan (Shufen) Pan
Assistant Research Professor, Earth System Modeling and GIS
Office: 4331Phone:334-844-1015
Lisa Samuelson
Dwain G. Luce Professor, Tree Physiology
Office: 4347Phone:334-844-1040
Paul Schrantz
Weaver Professor, Forest Management
Office: 3227Phone:334-844-2408
Jim Shepard
Professor, Forest Soils
Office: 4431Phone:334-844-1111
Mathew Smidt
Associate Professor, Forest Engineering
Office: 3423Phone:334-844-1038
Mark SmithAssociate Professor, Wildlife Management, Feral Hog Control and Outreach
Office: 2345Phone:334-844-8099
Todd Steury
Associate Professor, Wildlife Biology and Statistics
Office: 2347Phone:334-844-9253
Larry Teeter
Professor, Forest Economics
Office: 3223Phone:334-844-1045
Hanqin Tian
Solon Dixon Professor, Climate/Carbon Modeling
Office: 4337Phone:334-844-1059
Brian Via
Associate Professor, Forest Products
Office: Forest Products LabPhone:334-844-1088
Daowei Zhang
Alumni and George W. Peake Professor, Forest Economics
Office: 3217Phone:334-844-1067
Yaoqi Zhang
Associate Professor, Forest Economics and Management
Office: 3213Phone:334-844-1041
Sarah Zohdy
Assistant Professor, Disease Ecology
Office: 3231Phone:334-844-8046
Office: Phone:334-844-
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