Allen, Brenda

Brenda Allen, Associate Professor

SFWS 4325 | (334) 844-1066 |
Specialization: Urban Forestry
Teaching Responsibilities: Wildland recreation philosophy and policy. Air pollution effects on forests.
Research Interests: Tree Ordinances, Tree Protection and Preservation on Construction Sites; Municipal Management of Tree Debris, Economic Impact of Urban Tree Programs.
Research Projects:

Urban Forestry FORY 0565

Semester Syllabus
Week Lecture Laboratory
1 Introduction & Historical Background Greening Our Cities
2 Distribution, Ownership & Composition Local Case Study
3 Benefits & Uses Trees & Environment
4 Values: Economic and Legal Tree Valuation
5 Values: Tree Appraisal & Hazard Assessment Recognizing Hazards
6 Planning, Policy & Regulations Ordinances
7 Administration & Management Tree Boards, Municipal Officials &Trees
8 Programs & Training Case Studies
9 Inventories Inventory Design
10 Inventories (continued) Inventory Project
11 Planting & Establishment Trees & Construction
12 Care & Maintenance Mature Tree Care
13 Park & Open Space Management Trees & Turf
14 Urban Silviculture Management Objectives
15 Pest Management Insect/Disease Problems

Extension Responsibilities:

Technology transfer of urban forestry research results and pertinent information to users such as city foresters and horticulturists, urban consultants, extension agents, local tree board members and tree commissions. Development of training programs for tree commissions in the areas of leadership, management, planning and policy.

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