Gulsby, Will

Will Gulsby, Assistant Professor

SFWS 2331 | (334) 844-1018 |
BS, University of North Georgia, 2008, Biology; MS, University of Georgia, 2010, Forest Resources; PhD, University of Georgia, 2014, Forest Resources.
Research Interests: Managing wildlife habitat in silvicultural and agricultural systems; White-tailed deer ecology and management; Coyote ecology.
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Teaching Responsibilities:

WILD 4880 WILDLIFE HABITAT ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT (3) LEC. 2. LAB. 4. Pr. WILD 3280. The wildlife value, management, and restoration of common southeastern habitats.

WILD 4910 WILDLIFE SCIENCES SUMMER PRACTICUM (8) PRA. 8. Pr. WILD 3750 and WILD 5400 and (FORY 3100 or BIOL 5120) and (BIOL 5740 or BIOL 5750 or BIOL 5760 or FISH 5380). Training and tools for wildlife ecology, conservation, and management, with emphasis on applied problem-solving. Summer.


Techniques in Wildlife Population and Habitat Management (TBA)

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