Teeter, Larry

Larry Teeter, Professor

SFWS 3223| (334) 844-1045 | teeteld@auburn.edu
Director, Forest Policy Center 
BA, University of Michigan, 1973, Economics; PhD, Colorado State University, 1985, Forest Economics.
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Research Interests

  • Biomass/bioenergy industry development impacts in the South
  • Timber supply and timber inventory analysis and the effects of policy changes on resource availability
  • Determinants of landowner motivation and their effects on timber supply
  • Regional economics
  • Use of GIS in resource management
  • Resource management effects on environmental quality
Research Projects: Modeling change in timber inventories and timber markets. Assessing the effects of environmentally-based management restrictions on timber supply. Land use/water quality relationships. Regional economic assessments of the impacts of reductions in timber harvests on public lands
Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Forest Economics
  • Forest Management
  • GIS
  • An Auburn University faculty member since 1985 conducting research on timber supply, regional economic impacts of the forestry sector, and the economics of timber management.
  • Research Assistant, Colorado State University, 1980-1985.Operations Research Analyst, USDA Forest Service, Land Management Planning, Fort Collins, CO,1984-1985.
  • Economist (intern), USDA Forest Service, Cooperative Fire State and Private Branch, Washington D.C., summer 1982.
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