Steury contributes to recently published children’s book about detection dogs

poop-detectivesSchool of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences Associate Professor Todd Steury has been recognized as a contributor to the newly published book, Poop Detectives, Working Dogs in the Field, written by Ginger Wadsworth.  Steury, who is co-founder and science liaison to the not-for-profit canine training organization, Eco Dogs, Detection Dogs for Ecological Research, acted as editor and was cited within its text along with several other wildlife biologists and expert handlers. Over the course of several years the book was being written, Steury was interviewed by the author, provided information and photos, and reviewed the final copy for technical accuracy. The book description reads:

Poop Detectives, Working Dogs in the Field

How can dogs that sniff for excrement, urine, vomit, and mucus help protect animals from extinction? Scat-detection dogs like Wicket, Tucker, and Orbee are conservation heroes and pioneers in a cutting-edge field of science. Canine detectives use their super sense of smell to locate the scat of target animals. From loose bear dung to gooey whale poop, scat can tell scientists valuable information about an animal’s sex, age, diet, and health—all without harming the animal or endangering the researcher.

Poop Detectives is appropriate for grades 3 – 7 and is available in stores or online at





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