Academic Advising

 The School of Forestry and Wildlife Academic Advising Schedule:


A current Academic Advising Schedule is available via the Auburn University Office of Registrar at:


Freshman & Sophomores > 2.50 and above GPA and all Juniors and Seniors: Advised by SFWS Faculty Advisors.

To find your Faculty Advisor, log into your AU Student Portal, log into your DegreeWorks (look in the upper left corner) Email or call them for an appointment. Can’t find? Go to Faculty Directory:


Freshmen and Sophomores 2.0 > 2.49 GPA: Advised by SFWS Office of Student Services by appointment only.

To schedule your appointment send an email to: or


All SFWS Students < 2.0 GPA: You are to set an appointment with the Exploratory Center for transitional students.

Follow the link below to get started:


Note: Students are required to fill out and bring a Plan of Study to their advising appointment.



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