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We get job announcements throughout the year from employers seeking to recruit our students and recent alumni. Search for job openings in forestry, wildlife, and natural resources or simply browse to see a sample of the career options for our graduates via the Auburn University Career Center.

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Forestry is an economic powerhouse. According to a recent report, forestry represents more than 200,000 jobs and more than $21 billion - just in the state of Alabama.

Some of the career paths available to our graduates include:

  • Forestry Consultant
  • Forest Engineering
  • Forest Management
  • Forest Investment
  • Forest Products
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Policy


For more information about careers in forestry, visit

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Graduates from Natural Resources Management programs have a broad range of career options. Here are a few:


Conservation Biologist Natural Resource Manager
Ecotourism Operator/Coordinator Natural Resource Technician
Environmental Consultant Non-Profit Director
Environmental Planner Park Ranger
Extension professional Peace Corps Volunteer
Forest Protection Officer Recreation Director
 Graduate School Science Writer
 International Conservation Specialist Tourism Consultant
 Interpretive Ranger Urban Natural Resource Specialists
 Land Trust Manager Water quality regulator
 Municipal Water Planner Watershed scientist
 Natural Resource Educator Wetland ecologist


Who hires NRM majors?


Government agencies, consulting firms, international development and re­source management agencies, non-profit organizations, and private industry.


The Outlook is Sunny.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts excellent growth over the next 10 years in job markets relating to both environmental science and recreation. Work in research, management, enforcement, or consulting – find the career that is right for you.


For more information about the variety of careers in natural resources, visit

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Some of the career tracks available to our wildlife students are:

Research: Some students go on to graduate school or positions as research technicians. As researchers, their job is to increase what we know about wildlife, and add to the body of scientific knowledge in this field of study.

Wildlife Biologist: State and federal agencies, as well as privately-owned groups employ individuals with wildlife science backgrounds to work in managing our natural resources.  Such jobs range from managing rare or endangered habitats and their associated wildlife to managing game species to ensure sustainable harvest. Biologists apply the scientific knowledge from researchers to real-world situations.

 Law enforcement: Game wardens help ensure that everyone follows the safe and sustainable practices that keep our wildlife healthy and thriving for everyone to enjoy.

Veterinarians: We offer a pre-veterinary track for students interested in applying to veterinary school at Auburn University or elsewhere.

For more information about some of the careers available to wildlife ecology and management graduates, visit

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Industries related to this field are projected for continuous growth. Professionals with skills in GSEI related areas will be in high demand for collecting, collating, modeling, analyzing, visualizing, and communicating geospatial information.

Graduates can anticipate a wide variety of career opportunities within public agencies and government, private corporations, consulting firms, NGO and other international organizations as:

  • Data and information specialists
  • GIS/GPS field technicians
  • Ecosystem modelers
  • Business analysts
  • Environmental consultants
  • Land use and resource planners


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