Summer Practicum

Summer practicum is an immersive experience that takes students out of the classroom and into the outdoors at the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center outside of Andalusia, AL.  Students live and work at the Dixon Center taking courses that provide them with hands-on learning and the field skills necessary for their education and future careers.

Our alumni tell us that summer practicum is transformative. Not only do students experience a 5,300 acre classroom like no other, but lifelong friendships are made during practicum.

Forestry students are required to attend for eight (8) weeks and wildlife students, six (6) weeks. Summer practicum will begin May 8th, 2017. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the timing and register for the second minimester, which begins June 26.

In particular, students who have core courses left to take should consider taking advantage of this second minimester. This also helps the student leverage the tuition paid for the first minimester to the most advantage.

Summer Practicum Orientation for Summer 2017 will be held on Monday, April 3, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 2217. Attendance is mandatory for students to complete necessary medical and code of conduct forms.  Forestry students will also need to purchase supplies. An outline of equipment and fees is available.

Wildlife students will register for eight credit hours for Summer 2017 and Forestry students will register for ten credit hours. Students are responsible for tuition. Practicum applications are due by March 1st. Students receive acceptance notification late March.

Requirements and prerequisites


Forestry students typically attend practicum between their sophomore and junior years, and must complete the following prerequisite courses by the end of Spring 2017 term:

English 1100 & 1120 (Composition I and II)

Biology 1020/21 & 1030/31 (Principles of Biology and Organismal Biology)

Math 1130 (or above)

Statistics 2510

2.0 GPA or above



Wildlife students typically attend practicum between their junior and senior years, and must complete the following prerequisite courses by the end of Spring 2017 term:

WILD 3280

BIOL 3060

WILD 4400

WILD 3750

At least one of the Taxon-specific elective courses.

2.0 GPA or above


Applicants are required to submit the following:


1. Summer Practicum application form (application form is only online when applications are being accepted)*


2. Official transcript(s) of any transfer coursework (must be received at Auburn prior to application)


3. Spring schedule of courses (signed by the student's collegiate advisor) showing that all necessary courses are scheduled for completion prior to Summer Practicum if attending another college/community college.


Contact the student services office with questions:


Practicum Application

Equipment and Fees

Medical Form

Arriving at Practicum

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