Lobby Board applications available now

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Brad Smith

Lobby Board applications are available now on AuInvolve. Click this link to apply

Auburn University’s Student Lobby Board is tasked with advocating for positive change at Auburn University, promoting governmental relations with local, state and federal representatives, and coming together to better educate each other on the issues facing our city, state and nation today.

Our goals for the upcoming year are to get more feedback from students on issues they face at Auburn and changes they wish to see made, build strong relationships with our representatives, and better engage and educate the student body on how these issues affect them personally.

In an effort to better serve Auburn University, we have created three committees on Lobby Board: Federal, State, and Local.

Each committee will have to prepare for bi-weekly reports including information and updates on their area. There will be 18 positions available on Lobby Board, with each member being assigned into a 6-person committee.

Responsibilities for Lobby Board include:
· Constant communication with elected officials
· Researching policies and educating Lobby Board and the entire student body on how these issues affect them
· Supporting External Affairs throughout the year with any events such as Capitol on the plains, Voter registration drives, etc.
· Attend and recruit for Higher Education Day
· Participate in all Lobby Days
· Each member is not allowed to miss more than two meetings or your position will be reviewed.

Applications are available on AuInvolve: https://auburn.collegiatelink.net/form/start/32122

Interviews will be conducted the week of October 26th, 2015. Sign-ups for times will be available in the Student Involvement Suite on the 3rd floor of the Student Center beginning October 12th. For more information contact Michael Bullington