Meet Collins McMurray, Miss Auburn University 2020

Posted on October 20, 2019 by Jack Wilbanks

Collins’ platform is the Importance of Arts in Education, where she focuses on partnering with community organizations and underrepresented schools to advocate for the arts. Art classes in schools have proven to increase test scores and graduation rates, as well as help students with literacy and mathematics. Arts are also proven to benefit students not only academically, but also developmentally and socially. Sadly, the arts are underfunded and many schools across the state don’t have arts classes for students to be involved in.

Growing up taking theatre and music classes in school, Collins recognized a need for the arts in other school systems at a very young age. She started her platform when she competed in Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen 2018, eventually winning the statewide pageant. Collins’ service consists of working with arts educators, hosting arts camps and speaking with students to raise awareness for the benefits of arts involvement. When asked why her platform is important to her, Collins said, “I have been able to experience the benefits of the arts throughout my life, and feel it is so important for every child to have the chance to receive those benefits as well.”

Collins cares deeply for Auburn and is humbled and excited to serve as Miss Auburn University this year. When asked what she is most looking forward to, Collins said, “I am most looking forward to serving a campus that I have loved for a very long time. My parents are both Auburn graduates and I have grown up being an Auburn fan. I am a firm believer that Auburn is not like other universities, in that we are such a family!” Collins cannot wait to be a representative and a servant of the student body as she works with students on a daily basis to continue the legacy of the Auburn family.

Annie Ozment was named fourth runner up, Elizabeth Thompson third runner up, Taylor Hoff second runner up and Reagan Handley first runner up. More than $19,000 of scholarships was awarded at the competition. Collins follows Lauren Bradford, Miss Auburn University 2019, who served Auburn in such an excellent manner.