Senate Passes Two Bills

?In the penultimate meeting of the semester, Auburn’s SGA Senate met to consider two new bills that would impact the Auburn student body.

?First, Senator Dillon Nettles presented a bill to provide additional funding for the Organizations Board. “Fifty thousand dollars is granted to O-Board, and they have already received sixty thousand dollars in requests.  This is a request for ten thousand dollars that will really help them out and that is reallyimportant for organizations that do not have the same funding as SAP’s [Student Activity Portfolios].”  Senator Nettles went on to explain that the new funding allocation would help support campus clubs and allow them to pay for travel vouchers or fund organization events.  The bill passed unanimously.

?Later in the night, Senator Justin Matthews sponsored a bill to fund the replacement of WEGL Radio’s transmitter.  The current transmitter is reportedly at the end of its projected lifespan and is in need of replacement. Senator Matthews said, “This is student media asking for 35k for a new transmitter for WEGL Radio Station.  This is our technology. Student ActivityFunds owns the tower and transmitter that are there now.  So it’s our duty to keep…this stuff up to date.”

?Addressing concerns that WEGL radio may not be relevant, Senator Matthews brought up the high ratings the station receives.  “In ratings from just internet (which I imagine is the smaller portion), the average listening audience ranges from the low three thousands to the high six thousands.  During sporting events, the number of listeners can go to over thirty-six thousand.”

?Some senators were wary about the high price of the new transmitter. Senator John LeMaster said, “I’m concerned about cost. Because we’re not spending our money.  We’re spending student’s money.  It hasn’t been demonstrated this is actually something students want.”

?However, Senator Matthews and the bill’s supporters eventually overcame most objections to the bill.  The legislation passed by an overwhelming majority, although not unanimously – the first time major legislation has been passed this Senate term without unanimous consent.

?The final Senate meeting of this semester will be held next Monday night.