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Our Mission: Listen to Your Ideas

HeAUrd That logo finalRemember all of those times you have wasted a half hour driving around the library parking deck looking for somewhere to park? The longer you spent in the car the more annoyed and frustrated you became. By the time you found a spot (a mile away), all you wanted to do was tell everyone about your horrible parking situation. You think of one or two “easy” ways Auburn could fix the parking problem and want to tell someone.

That’s what SGA’s initiative called HeAUrd That is intended to do.

HeAUrd That began as a website in 2011 with a mission to hear ideas for improving student life at Auburn. Students can go online and submit questions or ideas. This semester, HeAUrd That added open campus discussion as part of the initiative. At these discussions, anyone can bring questions and ideas straight to Auburn administrators. HeAUrd That is gaining momentum as both SGA and the student body see its potential.

“We’ve been working this year to revive the HeAUrd That iniative because we believe that, while we can’t make Auburn a perfect place for every student, we can make an effort to listen to the concerns of our peers and, from their input, create an SGA vision that best represents their needs and gives them the greatest experience as possible during their time as a student at Auburn,” said Logan Powell, Administrative Vice President of Student Affairs.

The potential lies in the knowledge that you, the Auburn students, have legitimate ideas. If you aren’t happy about something on campus, don’t miss the chance to talk to the people who have to power to make it better. While complaining may make you feel better in the moment, coming up with solutions will make your experience better in the long run.

The most recent campus discussion was this past Tuesday. The topic? Parking and transportation. Probably the most complained about topic on campus. Administrators in charge of Parking Services and the Tiger Transit system had the chance to explain the how and why of many aspects of parking that students are not happy about.

What the discussion didn’t get to was the most important part of HeAUrd That’s mission. They didn’t hear students offering up solutions to the problems.

“I wish Auburn would…”

“Why don’t they just…”

“If I was in charge I would…”

Many of you have innovative ideas. Take advantage of HeAUrd That and let us, as your advocates, know about them! It’s your chance to actually talk with those who can really make change happen. Think of something at Auburn that is bugging you- how would you fix it? Auburn needs to hear your ideas.

Have we triggered some thoughts or fresh ideas that you’d like voice? Your next opportunity is today, November 5th, at 1:00 PM. Join us in Student Center 2222/2223 for an open discussion on campus life. If you can’t make it, follow Auburn SGA on twitter (@AuburnSGA) to follow along with the discussion and tweet your ideas.