Homecoming Weekend

TIGER was on display at the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering tailgate this Homecoming — and several Sol of Auburn alumni stopped by to see the project.

1. Neal Allgood, Aerospace Engr, — the person who led the building of TIGER’s Kevlar body.

2. Chris Trueblood, Electrical Engr, — Team Captain from 2002-04, also a member of the 2005 team; the only one to go on two races

3. Jeff Vollers, Computer Engr, — driver for the 2003 event

4. Vince Moody, Civil Engr, — helped build the 2003 solar array in-house, the only time we’ve pulled that off

5. Mike Haught, Mech Engr, — Team Captain 1991-92, led the team to a third place finish in the California Clean Air Race (CalCAR)

6. Josh Dyer, Electrical Engr, — helped build 2003 car body

7. Jason Summers, Mech Engr, — Team Captain 2001-2002, led the team through a particularly rough financial stretch, built 2003 chassis

8. Jonathan Perkins, Mech Engr, — recent team member, helped build radiator shroud and other TIGER body parts

Sol of Auburn Team Members Past & Present with Dr. Bhavnani

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Another Track Test

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Sol of Auburn goes to Indianapolis!

TIGER at Gasoline AlleyGasoline Alley may seem like an odd place for a solar-biodiesel hybrid — but TIGER fit in perfectly at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Emerging Tech Day.

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Sol of Auburn goes to Houston!

Display in the Discovery GreenThis April the Shell Eco-marathon® Americas competition brought alternative fuel and hyper-efficient gasoline vehicles together to push MPG (or in many cases MPGE) ratings well into the thousands with unique experimental vehicles.

The attention surrounding this event and the audience it attracts made it an ideal venue for TIGER’s first off-campus public unveiling.

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The Fabrication and Testing of TIGER

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Spring Break Approaches

After completing a routine test drive during which the team collected data to accurately predict fuel economy we prepared to drive the car back into the trailer using our electric motor. However, all we heard from our pneumatic clutch was the sound of an air leak!

The team has made good use of time. While some students went to work on diagnosing and fixing the issues that lead to clutch failure others worked on systems that could be tested without the ability to drive.

With the majority of the team gone for Spring Break next week, we aim to be back on the track the following weekend, collecting data on both the electric motor and diesel engine.

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The Semester’s First Test Drive

This past Sunday SoA embarked on its first test drive of the semester. The trailer used for previous vehicles was too narrow for TIGER, requiring the team to outfit an adequately sized trailer to transport TIGER to the test track and to upcoming events.

After installing a battery bank, mounting points and a winching system, the trailer (originally owned by the National Center for Asphalt Technology, NCAT) was ready to carry TIGER to NCAT’s testing facility.

Loading TIGER into our new trailer for the first time was fairly tedious, although the time spent aligning TIGER for the return trip was greatly reduced.

We were successful in meeting the day’s goals: driving ten laps at 35mph and another ten laps at 50mph — both using solely the diesel engine. Check out a video recorded from the passenger seat.

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Playing with the dashboard PC

Although TIGER does feature several displays and switches on its dashboard, a touchscreen computer serves as a flexible and dynamic portal to the vehicle’s network. Here students Bryant H. and Chris B. are calibrating the touchscreen after installing a new version of Ubuntu Linux on the Alix 3C3 single board computer.

Once the system was configured these students observed and collected data from the battery management system as we charged the batteries using a plug-in charger.

Update: The software written by this group of students has given the team a much needed data logging and control interface package which includes a set of gauges, IO terminal to the vehicle’s controller area network, and an API for the development of WiFi client applications.

Dashboard Computer

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A new semester brings new projects!

…And new students!

By now the semester is in full swing, with team members in and out of the shop each day. In the picture below Freshman Zach H. and Senior Jonathan P. are working on a composite piece that will serve as a spacer between the vehicle’s radiator and radiator fan.


The team’s composite materials are supplied by GKN Aerospace — with whom Jonathan has worked for through AU’s co-op program. Without the close relationship between Auburn and GKN the construction of TIGER’s body might not have been possible!

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