Tiger Dining bringing fresh concepts, new meal plans for Fall 2018

With a new contract with Philadelphia-based Aramark, Auburn University’s Tiger Dining will transform the way students dine this fall, offering new ways of paying for meals and more dining options.

Many of the new options came out of the Strategic Dining Committee, a group of students and faculty and staff.

Here are new dining options scheduled for Fall 2018:

  • Steak ‘n Shake will open in the Student Center.
  • Prevail Coffee will open in Foy Hall
  • Foy’s new dining hall will feature everything from salads to desserts, with students able to use a block meal or pay the retail price to enter the buffet.
  • Panera Bread will open in the Mell Classroom Building during the summer term.

“We are excited to provide new dining options for our campus community,” Loughridge says. “The move to change the Foy food court into a dining hall is in direct response to the input we received from our students.”

In addition, Tiger Dining will continue to partner with the horticulture department, as well as hunger studies and sustainability students, to bring fresh local foods to campus.

New dining options coming in Fall 2018 are Steak ‘n Shake in the Student Center, Prevail Coffee will also be opening a “coffee bar” styled station in Foy hall. Panera Bread will be in Mell Building and will even have a “to-go” window.

With this change, Tiger Dining has the opportunity to transform many on-campus dining options. Additionally, in response to student’s feedback over the years, they have decided to offer students a choice of meal plans available as upgrades to the standard meal plans.

Another new feature will be the ability for students to pre-order meals on their mobile devices. After ordering and paying online, students can pick up their meals. The service will be available at all dining locations, including Starbucks and the food trucks on the concourse.

Also, Tiger Dining will offer new meal plans, giving students seven options when it comes to purchasing pre-paid meals.

On-campus and off-campus students can choose from:

  • $1,100 plan with a $1,100 declining balance per semester
  • 225 block meals and a $350 declining balance for $2,257 a semester
  • 155 block meals and $350 declining balance for $1,767 a semester
  • 115 block meals and $350 declining balance for $1,449 a semester

Off-campus students also have the options of:

  • $350 Plan with a $350 declining balance per semester
  • 65 block meals and $250 declining balance for $850 a semester
  • 40 block meals and $250 declining balance for $632 a semester

To better serve our off-campus students, they’ll be able to choose from any of the meal plans offered. – Including the higher plans listed for On-campus students.  – this is in response to food insecurity concerns.  If an off-campus student has financial aid that will cover a larger meal plan, they may choose the plan that will best suit their needs.