Auburn University offers many opportunities to engage in sustainability-related activities. You can volunteer for a cause you are passionate about, join in on abundant learning opportunities, participate in health and wellness initiatives, and more. There is something for everyone!

Impact Student Volunteer Organization Logo


Campus Kitchens Project

  • Who Can Volunteer: Students, Anyone
  • One-time or ongoing opportunities exist to help recover unserved food from campus dining venues; package it into nutritious meals; and/or deliver to community members who face food insecurity.
  • Visit their website for volunteering opportunities, schedules, and to get connected.
  • Twitter: @ckp_auburn
  • Facebook: The Campus Kitchen at Auburn University


Community Garden Logo
Community Garden

  • Who Can Get a Plot: Students, Anyone in Auburn or Opelika
  • The Auburn University Community Garden is maintained as an educational and community service to Auburn University. Individual plots of varying size are available to rent for a nominal fee each year.
  • Visit the Community Garden website for plot sizes, garden history, volunteer opportunities, and how to get involved.
  • Facebook: The Community Garden at Auburn University


Waste Reduction and Recycling Department Logo
Waste Reduction and Recycling Department

  • Who Can Volunteer: Students, Anyone
  • Provides waste reduction opportunities and quality recycling services.
  • Opportunities to assist with Game Day Recycling, labeling recycling bins, or working at East Alabama Recycling Partnership events.
  • Visit their website to learn more about recycling at Auburn University.
  • Email: aureuse@auburn.edu
  • Twitter: AU_Recycles
  • Facebook: auburnuniversityrecycles

Auburn University Museum of Natural History Logo
Museum of Natural History

  • Who Can Volunteer: Students, Anyone
  • Conducts biodiversity research, preserves & documents biodiversity, & leads & promotes activities related to natural history education.
  • Opportunities to assist with maintenance and use of museum’s collections.
  • Visit their Facebook page to learn more about the museum and how to volunteer.

Health Promotion & Wellness Services Logo
Health Promotion & Wellness Services
  • Who Can Participate: Students, Anyone
  • Provides health services and education to the Auburn community, including mental, sexual, emotional, and physical health.
  • Opportunities to engage with the BeWell Hut, We.Auburn, Auburn Recovery Community, QPR, and more.
  • Visit their website to learn more about their programming and engagement opportunities.
  • Email: hpws@auburn.edu
  • Twitter: AuburnHealth
  • Instagram: AuburnHealth

Auburn University logo
Student Organizations

  • Who Can Join: Students
  • Visit our Student Groups page to learn about student organizations on campus exploring issues related to sustainability.
  • Search the Organizations Directory to find a complete listing of official student organizations at Auburn.


Auburn University logo
University Committees


KPNC Logo Cropped 
Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve

  • Who Can Volunteer: Anyone
  • Internship Opportunities: Students
  • Provides programs, experiences, nature trails, and natural habitats for education, study, and relaxation, while creating an atmosphere of discovery and stewardship toward our natural world.
  • Visit their website for events and volunteering opportunities.
  • Email: preserve@auburn.edu
  • Twitter: AuburnPreserve
  • Facebook: AuburnPreserve


Auburn Recreation and Wellness logo
Recreation and Wellness Center

  • Who Can Participate: Students, Employees
  • Motivate and inspire the Auburn University community to safely participate in activities that lead to positive interaction with others, an active and healthy lifestyle, and a lifelong commitment to wellness.
  • Their website has links to Auburn Outdoors and other wellness and fitness information.
  • Email: campusrec@auburn.edu
  • Twitter: CampusRecAU
  • Facebook: auburncampusrec


Alabama Water Watch Logo
Alabama Water Watch


 O Grows Logo
O Grows

  • Who Can Participate: Students, Employees, Anyone
  • As an effort in localism, Opelika Grows seeks to model an approach to civic engagement that relies on local capital and capacity to address local needs. School reform, hunger relief and city beautification are not specific to any one city but every city has the potential to leverage the learning potential of gardens in service of community need.
  • Volunteers are needed to help with all or part of the summer Farmer’s Market (Tuesdays between 1pm-7pm from mid-May to late-August), and can also be used in community/school gardens.
  • Visit OpelikaGrows to learn more about the program and for additional contact information.
  • Facebook: OpelikaGrows


Adopt-A-Spot logo 

  • Who Can Participate: Groups, Students, Employees
  • To help preserve the “loveliest village on the plains” and promote sustainability through a community effort of monthly litter collection and recycling at the group’s adopted spot on campus.
  • Visit the Adopt-A-Spot website to learn more about how the program works and to reserve a spot on campus.
  • Email: adoptaspot@auburn.edu


Healthy Tigers logo
Healthy Tigers

  • Who Can Participate: Employees
  • Engages employees to be more conscientious about their health and encourages habits and behaviors that result in healthier and more balanced lives.
  • Visit their website for more on wellness initiatives and learn how to save on your health insurance premiums.
  • Email: healthytigers@auburn.edu
  • Twitter: OneHealthyTiger
  • Facebook: HealthyTigers


Auburn University logo
Learning Communities

  • Who Can Participate: First-Year Students
  • Comprised of 25 students who are co-enrolled in three core courses in a particular theme or interest.
  • Many majors have learning communities, in addition there are interdisciplinary learning communities.
  • Visit their website for more information.
  • Email: LC@auburn.edu
  • Facebook: LearningCommunitiesOfAuburnUniversity


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute logo
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

  • Who Can Participate: Anyone 50+
  • Membership program for learning designed for senior adults.
  • Visit their website for info on courses and upcoming events.
  • Email: olli@auburn.edu
  • Facebook: OLLIatAuburn


Spirit of Sustainability Awards logo 
Spirit of Sustainability Awards

  • Who is Eligible: Students, Employees, and Alumni
  • Recognizes those that exemplify the Auburn spirit by making significant contributions toward sustainability on campus or in a community.
  • Visit the website to read stories of past recipients, and to learn about selection criteria and the nomination process.
  • Email: sustain@auburn.edu
  • Twitter: AUsustain
  • Facebook: AUSustain