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Image of the icons for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

January 2020

The only way we can thrive is by living within our ecological means.

  • Humanity’s Growing Ecological Footprint: “The only measure which tracks how much nature we have – & how much we use.”
  • Counting Carbon at Auburn University
  • Meetings Happen: Make a Difference at Yours
  • Dish it Out: Let SGA Know You Support Dish Reuse on Campus
  • Planting with Purpose: Plant Ahead Tree Project
  • New AU Course on Personal Resilience & Sustainability
  • Dr. Katharine Hayhoe: Faith, Climate Change, & Our Culture in the U. S.
  • News & Events


Poster showing the Solar Report Card of Alabama for the 2018 year with an overall grade of an F.

December 2019

Carbon neutrality requires both conserving & cleaning our energy.

  • Solar Power & Climate Change – Closing the Emissions Gap
  • Powerdown Before Break
  • Campus Changemaker: Caroline Leonard
  • Faith, Climate, & Our Culture in the U. S.
  • Plant Ahead Tree Project
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • Constructing a Gold Standard on the Field & in the Future
  • News & Events


Transportation Board Game Poster Boar

November 2019

Your transportation choices impact your health, wealth, and the planet.

  • The Necessary & Inevitable Transportation Transformation
  • C0-Creating a Sustainable Economy — Our Conference Takeaways
  • Campus Changmaker: Mike Stover
  • Faith, Climate, & Our Culture in the U. S.
  • Tree Planting
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • Auburn Included in Princeton Review Guide to Green Colleges
  • Auburn Earns Silver Bike Friendly Campus
  • News & Events



Poster showing the relationship between the idea of buyerarchy and the effects of Extraction, Processing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Pickup/ Delivery, and Disposal on a graphic of an iceberg melting.

October 2019

We can’t buy our way to happiness — or a stable climate.

  • Overconsumption, Climate Change, the Doughnut, & Wellbeing
  • Purchasing for Your Health & Our Planet
  • Meet Our Staff
  • Considerations of Sustainability in Agriculture
  • Spring Course Offerings
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • News & Events



Graphic Image Highlighting the connection between waste, climate, and global warming.

September 2019

You have options for what to do with your ‘waste’ & your choices directly impact climate change.

  • Waste: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone
  • Want to Help Improve Cycling on Campus?
  • Green Game Needs Trash Talkers
  • Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Laboratory Operations
  • Recycling: It’s a Team Effort
  • Protecting the Quarterback & Our Earth
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • News & Events



Graphic reading "Trees alone won't repair our climate. Want to help? Visit

August 2019

Trees improve our quality of life & provide opportunities for climate action.

  • Trees, Forests, & Reversing Global Warming
  • Peers Network Ambassador Applications
  • Sustainability Picnic
  • Insta Inspirations: Donald E. Davis Arboretum
  • The Beauty & Value of Trees
  • Need Help with Your Forestry, Wildlife, or Other Natural Resource-Related Questions
  • Books & Ball Caps
  • News & Events





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