The Office of Sustainability produces a digest each month during the Fall and Spring semesters covering topics and events related to sustainability around Auburn.  If you would like to receive our digest, please use the Subscribe to Our Mailing List box. You can also submit a story idea via the Submit a Story icon.

Image reading, "Own less; live more."

November 2018

  • Director’s Corner: Consumerism
  • Campus Changemaker: Karen Cochran
  • Meet Our Interns
  • Gathering Around Global Goals
  • Mental Wellbeing & Sustainability
  • Evergreen Gifts
  • Events, Books, & News


Graphic with "Vote, Educate Yourself, Engage Community, Exercise Your Voice"

October 2018

  • Director’s Corner: Using Your Voice to Make a Difference
  • Campus Changemaker: Claire Wilson
  • Meet Our Interns
  • Finding a Voice
  • Mental Wellbeing & Sustainability
  • Events, Books, & News


September 2018

  • Director’s Corner: Enjoyable & Sustainable Eating on Campus
  • Campus Changemaker: Shelly Nemeroff
  • Auburn City Farmer’s Market Kicks Off
  • My Brother Jona
  • Sustaining Small Farm Sales in an Online World
  • Events, Books, & News


August 2018

  • Welcome Back
  • Sustainability Picnic
  • New at Auburn
  • While You Were Away
  • Events, Books, & News





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